Retro Sunglasses For Round Face


Sunglasses For Round Face

Sunglasses are not used for only utility anymore and we have every reason to believe so. From leisure brunches to outings,, you spot them everywhere! Not just a great utility on those sunny days but they are great fashion accessories as well.

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Sunglasses are staple accessories in every fashionista’s wardrobe. A good sunglass has an ability to transform your outfit instantly from plain-jane to oh-so-chic.

Tips On Picking Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Those with round-face tend to have fuller cheekbones with proportionate width and length. Hence they should consider frames that make their face appear longer and thinner. Go for frames that give narrowing effect to your face. Stay away from round frames that exaggerate round face.

If you have a round face, and like us you too love everything vintage, you have plenty of style inspirations to take clue from. In Bollywood and Hollywood you have plenty of doppelgangers who love donning a pair of retro sunnies.

Types Of Sunglasses For Round Faces

Here is a round about of top retro sunglasses for round face that girls must consider.


There is nothing that can compete with classic aviators. Originally popularized by Tom Cruise, these retro aviator sunglasses are perfect for round faces. Its classic colors, attractive metal frames and teardrop shaped lenses makes for a perfect sunglass for round face. One can also opt for reflector styled aviators which are becoming quite a rage these days. Pair them with 70’s inspired jumpsuit to get that retro look.

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Best Sunglasses for Round Faces


You cannot possibly go wrong with a classic pair of wayfarers. From Taylor Swift to Bob Dylan everyone loves this vintage beauty. Grab a vintage frame from your mother’s collection or opt for a funky animal print frame. Those with round face should rush to grab this and make it a part of your collection.


sunglasses for round chubby face

Cats Eye Sunglasses

Celebs like Zoe Saldana and Jennifer Lopez have been spotted wearing cat eye sunglasses. Retro styles such as cats’ eye are great sunglasses for round face. Apart from being chic, cats eye sunglasses have detailing around the temple area which makes round face look less round.

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Go subtle with black vintage cats’ eye sunglasses, but if funky is more like your thing then opt for the ones in bright hues or in funky leopard prints.

sunglasses for round face female

Retro Square Glasses

  • Patrons with round face should go for the frames with light colored glasses. Dark sunglasses tend to make the wide cheek area even bigger. Go for the lenses in amber shades.
  • The types of sunglasses where temples join at the top are a perfect type of sunglasses for round faces female. These glasses draw attention to top of the glass, and gives definition to the face. Embellished glasses also look good on round face.

As it is said, buying sunglasses is an art. So consider our suggestions, and buy a pair of sunnies best suited for your face.


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