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A Mini Guide On How To Apply Blush The Right Way For Various Face Shapes

by Fashionlady
How To Apply Blush

How To Apply Blush

Why do you apply blush to the cheeks? The reason is because you would want to apply some color to the cheeks and to make it look healthy and flushed. But first, you would need to find the right color and know How to Apply Blush the right way.

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Techniques To Apply Blush

Before we tell you techniques to apply blush the right way, we would want to teach you a little more on how to choose the right blush type and in accord to your skin type that too, and then we would look at the blush color, and how to make the best techniques work like magic for you.

What Is Your Skin Type?

We would take a look at How to Apply Blush for sure, but first we would check on the skin type.

  1. If you have dry skin, we would look at cream blushes which are sheer and thin in nature and allows better layering on the cheekbones.
  2. For oily skin, we would consider powder blushes which would absorb the extra oils on the skin and the blush would remain on the face for long.
  3. For combination skin we would look at a mix of powder to cream blush types, which helps let the color stay with a healthy glow irrespective of the time and occasion.
Techniques To Apply Blush

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Color Wise Speaking

When it comes to color, we would look at choosing blush that is closest to the undertones of the skin. Please refer to the post on the color wheel to understand the undertones, which teaches us the techniques to apply blush and makeup. Blushers help bring about a flushed healthy look and not a flushed dead look, which is why you would want to use the techniques in an apt way for the best cheeks to flaunt. Hence, choose the closest blush color which syncs in well with your cheeks.

Different Ways To Apply Blush

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How To Apply!

  1. Pick up a reputed blusher brush
  2. Sideways dip into the blush powder or the jar
  3. Stroke the upper cheekbone all the way to the temple to create a long look, or
  4. Stroke from the lower cheek to the ear perimeter for a wider look
  5. You could also make round strokes from the temple to the cheek and the jawline for a sassy look to come through.
How To Apply Blush For Different Face Shapes

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Blush For Square-Shaped Faces

For the square face shaped women, we would focus more on the apples of the cheek. Here the blush needs to be rounded off on the cheeks in a circular fashion. This would be one of the different ways to apply blush, which helps soften the angular features of the face and draw more attention to the cheeks and the overall roundest zone of the face.

Where To Apply Blush For Square Face

Source: youtube.com

For The Diamond Shaped Face

Women with diamond shaped faces would need to work more on the lower half of the face, where the blush would be focused on the top of the cheekbones and blended towards the ears to create more width and enhance the eye zone. Cheekbones thus get highlighted here.

Where To Apply Blush For Diamond Face

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Bangs Strokes For The Blush On Long Faces

Women with long faces need to break it up when using blushers which mean horizontal swipes for the face. This helps widen the face and makes the apples of the cheeks fill in with a healthy glow. A little blush needs to be used on the temples and the cheekbone area too. Here was where to apply blush on a long face!

Where To Apply Blush On a Long Face

Source: youtube.com

Dolling Up The Heart Shaped Face

For heart shaped faces, we would use the blush on the end part of the cheekbones, just as you would use the contouring theory here. In doing so, you would know how to apply blush for different face shapes and not just follow the rule on where to apply blush for a round face. Such strokes would help define the jawline and bring more attention to the flushed cheeks.

How To Apply Blush For Heart Face Shape

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Where To Apply Blush For a Round Face

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For Oval-Shaped Faces

The ideal face shape we all want, and if you have it you are blessed. For the oval face you would need to focus the blush right on the tip of the cheekbones and blend it towards your ears. In doing so you would have more attention to the cheekbones given. This is how you doll up the oval face with peach blush!

Where To Apply Blush On a Chubby Face

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