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Awesome Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Sister

by Fashionlady
Awesome Birthday Gift Ideas

Awesome Birthday Gift Ideas

Sisters share a special bond. Your sister is your best friend, confidante and your secret-keeper. So it goes without saying that when you get a birthday gift for your sister, it needs to be truly special. Here, we have rounded up some awesome birthday gift ideas that will show your sister just how special she is to you.

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A Gift Basket

No, we are not talking about those impersonal gift baskets filled with cookie and other items that you could buy from a store. When we say gift basket we mean making her a gift basket by collecting things that you know she’ll love. You could get her her favourite perfume, a movie card if she loves movies, and other such items that will have a squealing in joy.

Gift Basket for your sister birthday

Source: basketsbyrita.com

A Spa Voucher

Who doesn’t love to be pampered? Get your sister a spa voucher at a luxury spa. Have her feeling like a queen while she lets the stress and worries of the world behind and enjoys a relaxing day at the spa.

Spa Gift Voucher

Source: girliegossip.com


Books are such a personal gift. In order to gift someone a book you need to know about their favourite author, what genres they like and what books are in their to-read list. So get your sister some great books that she can add to her collection. They can be classics or new-age novels, just as long as she will like them. Try getting hardback copies and be sure to write a birthday message inside. Your sister will cherish the books and every time she opens it, she will see your handwritten message. Now that’s what we call the perfect gift.

Books gift ideas

Source: lit-kits.com

A Collage Video

If your sister lives in another country, then this gift will be heart-touching for her. This gift idea is quite elaborate and will require you to put in some time and effort to make it. Talk with your sister’s close friends and your family members and make a video of them wishing your sister a happy birthday. Each person can share any funny stories or happy memories that they have of your sister. You can end the video with your wish and send it to your sister. She will cherish this gift and will know that although you guys are not there with her on her birthday, your love and thoughts are with her.

Collage Video as- gift

Source: solidarigee.de


A Savings Account

If you’re the elder sister, then you should consider getting your younger sister a savings account as a birthday gift. Sure it is not your typical birthday gift and she might not be overly excited about it, but what matters is that you are pushing her in the right direction. The earlier she learns about the importance of saving and managing her money wisely, the better she will be with her finances when she grows up.

Birthday gift ideas for sister

Source: galloconsulting.com

A Weekend Getaway

If you’ve got the budget, then why not book a weekend getaway for you and your sister. You guys ca go to some place nice and chill out having mojitos and bonding over some good food and shopping. Be sure to take lots of pictures to frame the trip in your memory.

Weekend Getaway

Source: leodekkers.nl

A Scrapbook

Being broke or strapped for cash doesn’t have to mean that you cannot give your sister a nice gift. Here’s an idea that won’t cost you much but will still bring happy tears to your sister eyes: make her a scrapbook. Include photos from her childhood, anecdotes and any other memories in there that will get her feeling nostalgic and happy. Who wouldn’t love to get such a thoughtful gift?

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