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Beauty Secrets from 10 Countries Around the World

by Fashionlady


There is an old saying when it comes to beauty regime, the grass is always greener. For ages, professionals have been trying to discover the fountain of youth. On one hand, they try to debunk history in a bid to explore Cleopatra’s beauty ritual; on the other hand they are busy delving into the cosmetic world. I’ve come up with exclusive post revealing beauty secrets from around the world.

This post is the ultimate destination for beauty enthusiasts, who are curious to know about the beauty tips offered by different cultures from the globe. Now putting their curiosity pangs to rest, we’ve gathered beauty secrets from 10 countries around the world.

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Read on to know some of the best-kept secrets!

1. Mexico

Brenda Legorreta, former editor of Women’s Health Mexico has revealed that in her country beauty-conscious Mexican women use teaspoons as lash curlers. They hold the spoon horizontally so as to cup the lid, while its edge touches the roots of the upper lash line.

They then use their thumb to gently press the eyelashes in upward direction against the back of the spoon. After that they slowly push the edge of the spoon towards the other end of the lashes. The Mexican women repeat this process till they’ve achieved the degree of their desired curl. They then complete this beauty trick with mascara.



2. Bulgaria

Maria Georgieva, editor in chief of Elle Bulgaria has shared one of her country best-kept beauty secrets with us, where she mentions rose water for keeping face clean and moisturized. Bulgaria is replete with rose valleys, so rose water is one of the most commonly available beauty ingredients that use it in abundance for their skin care regime.



Besides rose water, Maria reveals that the Bulgaria women use chamomile and Fullers earth clay as face lotion after cleansing once every two weeks. They also place frozen tea bags on eyes to reduce puffiness.

Apart from external treatment, they add yogurt, a typical Bulgarian food in their diet that comes with lactobacillus bacteria that is considered good for skin.


Since Brazil’s climate is prone to tanning and sunburn, so Brazilian women beat this beauty ailment with oatmeal bath. Oatmeal grains are anti-inflammatory and act as a natural remedy to heal sunburns. They pile up oatmeal flakes onto a large piece of bandage. They then twist the gauze with oatmeal flakes like a sack and tie it around the tap of their bathtub. They then take bath in the cool water flowing through for 20 minutes to soak up the grains’ anti-inflammatory benefits.

Brazilian beauties are quite particular about maintaining a perfect cellulite-free bikini body and in order to get rid of cellulite they rub sand on their bodies to stimulate circulation and thus get rid of cellulite.



4. China

Chinese beauty experts rather prefer to mix and match instead of using a single natural product. Most of the professional swear by Weleda, Wild Rose Body Oil which they believe keep their skin supple and glowing.

One of this country’s best kept beauty secrets is the exquisite pearl powder (crushed pearls) which they believe can make their skin clean and look brighter. Even some Chinese women use water from cleaning rice whose essential nutrients help remove the dirt and resolve the oil in the skin.

The beauty conscious ladies add fresh diet to their daily diet that is an excellent source of good skin.

6. Greece

Greek women know how to get glowing and beautiful skin and they use olive oil for it. Olive oil not only works for sunburns, but also relieves skin from irritation and redness. Even the amazing hydrating of this oil makes it a natural moisturizer. The Greek women apply olive oil all over their wet body during shower and then pat their skin with dry towel. Even Italian women massage olive oil into their skin and lips making them soft, nourished and hydrated.



Greek women are also particular about their hair. They use rosemary water to get shiny and bouncy locks. They boil fresh rosemary in water and allow it to cool for awhile and then apply it on their hair, which deep-cleans and removes buildup. Apart from that the oil also stimulates the scalp and enhances hair growth.

7. Japan

Japanese women are famous for having beautiful, flawless and porcelain skin. And to maintain such gorgeous skin, they follow a thumb rule to always treat their skin extremely gently. They never rub or tear their skin harshly.

Secondly, they regularly drink Matcha green tea. The green tea has no match when it comes to achieving flawless skin. The green tea powder is the powerhouse of antioxidants and minerals, fat-burner, energy booster, cancer-fighter and also helps in anti-aging. This Japanese green tea detoxifies body, thereby making skin brighter. It also lowers blood sugar and cholesterol level.

green tea


Thirdly, they take sake bath that helps lighten their complexion. Sake consists of kojic acid that exfoliates the skin, whilst reducing dark spots and blemishes. They add four cups of sake to their bath water as a ritual. Sake baths are also a very common spa treatment in Japan.


Source: wordpress.com

8. Turkey

As per Ezgi Tanlak, beauty editor of Women’s Health Turkey, Turkish women with blond or light brown hair use daisy water that works as a highlight booster.

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They boil one cup of daisies in two cups of water for five minutes and let it cool down. They then remove the daisies and pour the water over their hair and let it air-dry.

Turkish women sprinkle coarse salt, especially sea salt into a handful of lotion and use it as a scrub to smoothen cracked heels.

9. Egypt

There are so many beauty secrets yet to be debunked from the Egyptian. Meanwhile the whole world got to know one of the best kept beauty secrets by none other than the beautiful Egyptian Queen Cleopatra who bathed in sour milk to get smooth and flawless skin that she was renowned for.



Even today many Egyptian women continue this traditional routine to get gorgeous skin. To try this skincare routine, you can add two cups of sour milk to your bath water so as to get soft and smooth skin.

10. France

French women are very particular about their manicure session. So when a dark shade of nail paint leaves any residue behind in their cuticles, they use lemon juice to remove it. They simply soak their nails in fresh lemon juice and warm water for several minutes to get rid of the stains from their nails.


Source: blogspot.com

French women are spoilt for choice when it comes to beauty products. Pharmacies in France are a Mecca of beauty products. Dry oils and cleansing waters are the beauty staples in their daily skincare routine. The French dry oil Nuxe Huile Prodigeuse is widely used as moisturizer at night, while the cult Bioderma Crealine H2O as make-up remover that also cleanses the skin without leaving any redness behind.

So those were the best kept beauty secrets from 10 countries around the world! Hope you get some cues and add them to your beauty regime!

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