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Best Budget Lipsticks In India Every College Girl Must Know About

by Fashionlady
Best Budget Lipsticks In India

Best Budget Lipsticks In India

It’s usually in college when teenagers start experimenting with tons of makeup. So there is a glittery eye somewhere and a glossy lip somewhere. But college time is also the time where we have to have a budget for our makeup stash. It is not always possible to splurge on makeup and a lot of us are cash-strapped when it comes to buying a good lipstick which will last long and is also not too heavy on our pockets.

Read on, to know some of the brands and best budget lipsticks in India which are not going to burn a hole in your pockets!

Best affordable lipsticks

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Here Are Some Best Affordable Lipsticks You Need To Own

For starters, college students should keep it simple! You don’t need to don YSL lipsticks when some other brands are equally good. WE have mentioned below some of the best affordable lipsticks. Read on…

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NYX Lipsticks

NYX is such a specialized brand and on Instagram and Pinterest you will see tons of ladies sporting gorgeous colours. It is also one of the best affordable lipsticks. What most people however don’t know is that they are one of the most affordable brands for college students. Their matte lipsticks are wonderfully pigmented and they last up to 8 hours. Not bad for a lipstick that costs only $5 right? They have a HUGE selection of colours so we assure you that you won’t get bored!

Low cost lipstick

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Seriously, look at these gorgeous colours!

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Budget lipstick in india

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Isn’t this red one to die for?

Indian budget lipsticks

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Elle 18 Lip Bombs

Elle 18 is something all desi girls have grown up seeing. Their range of nail polishes and kajals were a thing back then and now, even college going women love the beautiful range of lip ‘bombs’ they have. These come a huge selection of colours and can be both bought online and in any drug store. The best part about these lip bombs is that they have a layer of moisturizer inside the lipsticks. So bye bye dry and flaky lip skin! The prices of the lip bombs start from Rs. 90.

Elle 18 Lip Bombs

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Faces Go Chic Lipsticks

This brand from Canada is aah-mazing. For the price of Rs. 200, you are getting an awesome lip colour which stays on and on. It is highly pigmented and stays on like a tattoo. They have a fabulous collection of shades too. So, whether you are going earthy or glam, Faces has a colour to suit your every look!

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Avon’s Range of Simply Pretty Lipsticks

Gone are those days when Avon didn’t have a counter. In fact, Avon’s range of lipsticks is the best in the affordable range. They are of course a little expensive if compared to Elle 18, but they have more staying power than the lip bombs. So, if you want to invest on something that lasts a little longer than this one would be a good choice.

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Avon Range of Simply Pretty Lipsticks

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Hope we have given you enough options for lipstick budget shopping!

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