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Best Gifts For Capricorn Woman. What’s Your Pick?

by Fashionlady
Best Gifts For Capricorn Woman

Best Gifts For Capricorn Woman

Now this is a tricky sign. Strong and dependable, responsible and practical, and highly successful too. So what gifts would you give to Capricorn born girls?

With goat being the sign – great mascot since both goat and Capricorn have a similar goal of reaching the top of a mountain – Capricorn lasses might come off as a little bossy. But the good thing about them is that they won’t chop off your hair considering they are patient.

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Want to know few celebrity Capricorns? Well, there is Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton and Dolly Parton to put Capricorns on the achiever list.

Celebrity Capricorns

With this one can safely say that Capricorn born females are some smart cookies.

Since Capricorns are not in for wild surprises, here are some practical ideas which would be good gifts for them.


Traditional values are what a Capricorn treasures most. When you are planning to buy something special for your Capri girl, then go for a string of genuine fresh-water pearls, or maybe a diamond solitaire.

Best Gifts For Capricorn Woman

These will be much loved and appreciated by a Capricorn woman instead of the usual costume jewelry or semi-precious stones.


Since the Capri women appreciate the material worth of a gift more than the creative ideas, stick to fine expensive jewelry while choosing a gift for your Capricorn woman.

Apparel And Accessories

While choosing a gift for your Capricorn beloved, a silk scarf would be a good and stylish wardrobe addition for any mature or professional woman of this sun sign.

Gifts for Capricorn Womens

Wear the scarf with a suit during the day time as a fashionable power accessory. During nigh time or to an elegant social function wear it as an accent to a semi-formal dress.

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Apart from a silk scarf, you can go for a luxury watch too as a gifting option. It would satisfy the materialistic bent of the Capricorn personality.

Capricorn Woman Gift Ides

Traditional Gifts

If you are racking your brains on what to gift a Capricorn girl, then don’t lose your vision in the usual gifts such as gorgeous red roses or a box of the finest imported chocolates.

Remember, the Goat woman is likely to appreciate conventional gestures of love and celebrations. So look for ornate picture frames or antique furniture in wood to woo her.

Gifts Ideas for Capricorn Woman

Even gifting her classy silverware would be a good birthday gift option.

Capricorn Womens Gifts

Social Leadership

Capricorns are not hugely popular with friends and acquaintances. But they hold a place for social responsibility in their heart.

When you gift her tickets to a local fundraising event for a social cause or an invite to an upscale charity dinner hosted by community leaders, it would be a tremendous birthday gift option to her.

Gaming Adventure

A Capricorn girl, given her ambitious nature, will look forward to and admire an outing at venues like a bowling alley or a mini golf range. But make sure the venues you decide match up to her level of expectation and don’t cut a sorry figure.

Use the games as a medium of getting her to open up, not to win a bet or score a point.

Best Gift Ideas For Capricorn Woman

Personal And Intimate Gifts

There is no way you can separate platonic love from physical intimacy. Gift your Capricorn lady love sexy lingerie or satin bedsheets and see the love quotient getting the required kick.

Gifts for Capricorn Womans

Hope you have got reasonably impressed by the birthday gift options to a Capricorn girl. If your sun sign is Capricorn, tell us which gift would you love to be presented by him. Look forward to your replies and comments.

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chuck November 19, 2018 - 8:02 pm

i have a very unusual circumstance for buying my capricorn female, for xmas or her birthday…she has many allergies: Allergic to flowers, and plated jewelry, chocolate, beer and many other things aside from that she is a very frugal person too….HELP
Signed stuck for an answer


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