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Brandi Cyrus: The Life From A To Z

by Fashionlady
Brandi Cyrus

Who is Brandi Cyrus?

Brandi Cyrus, an American actress, was born in 1987 (May 26) in Nashville, Tennessee. She is the older of two children in the family of Tish Cyrus & Baxter Neal Helson. She is also the adopted daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, a country singer, who married her mother. Simultaneously, she is an older half-sister of Miley Cyrus (who also runs her own TV show and TV movie what is up in 2011), Noah Cyrus as well as the older sister of Trace Cyrus. Her younger brother is Trace Cyrus. Her family name is Cyrus and her birth sign is gemini.

Brandi Cyrus

Brandi Cyrus’ Profession and TV Shows:

Brandi Glenn Cyrus is an actor and a singer, mostly known as the sister of a famous singer and songwriter Miley Cyrus.

Brandi is mainly renowned for Zoey 101 (2005), Hannah Montana (2006), Old 37 (2015), The Real Miley Cyrus (2007), Live in London (2007), Home at Last (2007). At her early age, she was cast to co-star in the 2013 thriller Old 37. In 2017, she hosted some TV shows, naming ‘Family Is Everything’, ‘Young Love, ‘Battle of the Styles’ ‘Foyer’, ‘No It’s Foyea!’, ‘Creating a Forever Home’, ‘Elegant and Kid Friendly’. Her famous movies are Ponyo, Mostly Ghostly: Who Let the Ghosts Out?

All of her works were highly praiseworthy. Despite having her herself in these shows, she also runs another TV shows ‘Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design and Conquers’ since 2017. Among some popular bands, she has her own band called Frank + Derol. Brandi has been trying to achieve more in the field of acting and singing and has already acquired a lot.

Relationship and Marriage facts of Brandi Cyrus:

Brandi Cyrus Loves Wallpics Mixtiles Stickable Photo Tiles For Walls has been maintained her own life at a simple biography and she rather remains herself busy with her professional life. Almost no information has been disclosed about her personal life. There is no argument and controversy or even rumors that can expose her. Very few details have been remained open regarding Brandi’s personal life except the information regarding her career. She is still single.

An Inspirational Past of Brandi Cyrus:

When Brandi was little, she was 100 percent positive that she would go to the Olympics and be in the United States equestrian team, it’s actually called show jumping. But she did it since she was six and her 18-year-old sister. So, it’s something really special for them because it had made them really close especially because their age difference was so much. It’s not something she did for anybody else, not money or anything. It’s just purely because Brandi enjoyed it literally, all she did was ride horses and go to school and worked really hard on that even though she grew up around music. She didn’t really start playing until she was 18. The girl was on tour with some friends and they toured with her sister Miley, and all of them played, sang and were on that tour together and that made her wanted to start playing. So, she picked up the guitar and started playing with Miley on her first tour as far as music career goes.


Brandi Cyrus’ best memories were after the Hanna Montana movie premiere. So, just like that epic night of all these musicians onstage together but as far as keeping in touch and stuff Twitter’s like her main thing was super easy and that’s why she loved BUZZNET, a TV show. She had a really special interaction with a fan in Toronto in the year of 2012.

Her Style of Movement:

Her style is pretty rocker but like a casual rocker and a little touch of like girly. Brandi loves watching Homeland (TV series). She just watches like season up. Mary-Kate Olsen was her absolute favorite person when she was a kid. She loves working and there are so many work opportunities. Brandi loves seeing all of the Western-style trends, especially for pointed-toe boots, suede, fall—fringe, hats– they totally speak to her Southern roots. But the most exciting trend to stick is sneakers. She never ever wears heels (unless she is forced!), and the fact that her Adidas and Reebok can now put her on the best-dressed list makes her a happy tomboy. Some of her favorite designers and lines are Loeffler Randall and Gelareh Mizrahi.

Brandi Cyrus Fashion

Brandi’s Fitness and Health Care:

Brandi is crazy about her skin care. Sometimes her roomie jokes over her because she has a million products in her bathroom, but she really does make use of them all! She mainly prefers to have neat, clean, and bright skin, that’s why that she wears minimal makeup. In addition, she likes natural, soft brown shades for her makeup alongside bold lips if she wants something glam. Also, Brandi is the biggest fan of brown lipsticks.

Brandi loves the Olsens so much. She looks to them a lot for beauty inspiration. Whenever she has a red carpet or big shot, she pulls up hair and makeup looks from them because their looks are always on point– and timeless, as well. Brandi Cyrus is a big fan of Alison Mosshart, the lead singer of both The Kills and The Dead Weather, and she’s a badass with a killer, effortless, rock n’ roll style.

Brandi Cyrus Fitness

About Her New Blog ‘StyleNative’:

Just after Brandi Cyrus left her band Frank + Derol, she tried to determine what would happen next for her, and the fashion realm won. Since she remembers, the idea of “style” was really intriguing for her, and she always tried to wear clothes that represented her personality and made her stand out from the crowd. She didn’t even perceive it until she thought about that, but for many years Brandi had become the pro for her friends who needed a piece of advice when shopping, finding an outfit to borrow, and looking for a closet to raid. So, the ‘StyleNative’ blog has been her outlet to share her style tricks with followers and fans, as well as to evolve her style even further!

Brandi Cyrus Blog

Brandi Cyrus in Instagram:

Brandi is rather popular in Instagram. She has almost 1 million followers. The girl likes to post different photos, especially selfies or photos with her sister Miley. Brandi confessed that she has a special wall in her room where she sticks all the printed photos. Her Wallpics are better than the pictures of famous painters.

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