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Bring Back The Good Old 90s Fashion With These New Looks

by Fashionlady
Bring Back The Good Old 90s Fashion With New Looks

Bring Back The Good Old 90s Fashion With These New Looks

Bip Ling and Shailene Woodley, Katy Perry to Miley Cyrus, Rumer Willis to Rita Ora and the famous pop singer Rihanna too- they’ve brought the MTV Gen-Y fashion back!

Why the 90s?

While most designers are still reminiscing the days of the swinging sixties and the flower-power seventies, the golden eighties too, the subcultures of the melodious yet paradigm shifts of the nineties, especially with fashion has made a comeback.

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A change was needed, and contemporary fashion is now being recycled with utmost seriousness in the world of fashion. Celebs are endorsing them, and surely the ‘risk-takers’ they are, the herd out there is setting a trend in the loud nineties colours and styles. If you thought the BACKPACK sported famously by the OLSON TWINS was so passé, be ready to be thrown off your chair cushions! Here’s what to look forward to!

Good Old 90s Fashion

Source: static01.nyt.com

Painting the town NEONISH

Much of the 90s saw the colourful saga of fashion on the streets; a time when women didn’t have qualms wearing buttoned down shirts in bright colours. A little hint of the cleavage didn’t kill anyone back then. Neon coloured clothing thus ruled every wardrobe, and some of them are making a comeback on clothes such as;

  • Leggings
  • Drainpipe jeans
  • Cycling tights
  • Biker shorts
  • Court shoes
  • Skater skirts
  • Ballet flats
  • Cowboy boots
  • Headscarves
90's colourful saga of fashion

Source: bobbyglam.com

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Crop tops for 2015

Yes, they are back and this time exposing the midriff in all its glory. Flaunt the belly button and wear them with skater skirts or pencil ones- you’d be bringing back Vanessa Amorisi (singer) very soon!

Crop tops for 2015

Source: inonit.in

Sports, exercise wear and leggings

From homemakers to college-goers, teens to moms, women of all age groups back in the 90s wore Leotards. In addition to that, the 90s brought around a change in comfort clothing with a sporty edge;

  • Babydoll dresses
  • Black opaque tights with hot pants or denim shorts
  • Keds
  • Slouch socks and leggings
  • Sweatpants in grey
  • Oversized Tees
  • Converse shoes
90s wore Leotards

Source: myfabolouslife.com

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Pretty Camisoles

Sexy and minimal, very simple to wear and sans the fuss- 90s believed in expressing yourself through comfort and style. Works best with skinnies made of leather for a girl’s night out, and a dinner blazer for a formal occasion. Use your creative imagination and doll up in a camisole!

Pretty Camisoles

Source: blogspot.com


Clean slip dresses

We’ve watched many celebs (Julia Roberts and Madhuri Dixit) wear slip dresses through the 90s. Much on the lines of the peplum invasion, slip dresses now are being worn with belts and knits (oversized ones).

Circular sunglasses, colourful and large are a must to have or else the look wouldn’t complete, and do not forget the MULE shoes, which were so comfy to wear for work or at play. While the 90s kids have all grown up and gone ahead in life, the MTV Gen-Y spirit still remains. Thanks to the new-age fashionistas and celebs, the 90s fashion trends are being revived. Do you have your own personal take on the 90s fashion? If yes, do write in to us and let us know!

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