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Fashion is constantly changing; hence one needs to be tuned, pepped and always conscious of what is happening around them at all times. Be it in terms of latest fashion, new styles, fashion trends or anything under the sun that falls under ‘Fashion’, one must have all their eyes and ears open at all times. This also means that every such individual must know what is happening in Bollywood, in movies, on runways, at red carpet events and more.

This is not easy. Hence, a one-stop-solution to all these needs is FashionLady who is active with all these latest fashion news and knows how to educate, inform and feed the audience on latest fashion styles. From apparels to accessories to lingerie and body art, all your fashion needs will be fulfilled here.

Dress to impress is a motto we all follow be it consciously or unconsciously. With the changing trends and colors of the season, it is important that every woman be informed about what’s in vogue. Maternity fashion, Plus size trends, boutique suggestions, perfumes for season, DIY’s and fashion hacks are some of the topics that are covered in the blog.

“Life is too short to wear boring clothes.” From what and how to sport it to where to buy, we give you all the secrets to being a fashionista like a boss. One cannot learn fashion, it just happens; we help you choose, pick and style bits and pieces from a big pile of fashion accessories including footwear, perfumes, watches, sun glasses and more.

How you dress speaks volumes about your personality. As Rachel Zoe said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” As seen in the latest fashion magazines and with Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities, fashion is all about how you carry yourself with confidence and élan.

Indian Ace Footwear Designer

From Heart to Sole with Rohan Arora – Indian Ace Footwear Designer

Have you ever heard of shoes made up of chicken-leg leather? Yes, this kind of couture leather made from chicken's legs which is supple soft and sturdy is brainchild of Rohan Arora - the newest...
Manish Malhotra - The Master Of Fine Indian Craftsmanship

Manish Malhotra – The Savior of Bollywood Fashion from 80s

As we've already thrown light into Manish Malhotra's successful career in our previous edition, let's know more about him in this edition. So, as we had ended our note on his popularity among directors and...
Indian Designer Abu Jani And Sandeep Khosla

Debunking Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla Sarees

The aficionados of couture fashion, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla are a name to reckon with. Celebrating 25 years in fashion industry, the designer duo, whose designs are always preferred by celebs like Aishwarya...
Indian Style for women

Indian Style Check for Women This Summer

For women, there are endless style statements and if you look around for tips, the World Wide Web would bombard you with trial and tested tips for women of all walks of life and...
fashion divas share their summer couture

Sharing Cool Summer Couture Tips by Indian Fashion Divas

With temperatures soaring high, staying comfortably fashionable is certainly a sheer challenge. We, therefore share with you fashion quotient of some of the popular fashion divas in the country. They have not only shared...
Summer Fashion Guide for College Girls

Summer Fashion Guide for College Girls – Part 2

As we have already discussed on monochrome, white shirt and flattering asymmetric hemlines in our part 1, we are back to throw light on floral prints, which are perfect for this season. Continue reading!! Fashion...
Summer Fashion Guide

Summer Fashion Guide For College Freshers-Part 1

With the temperatures rising, staying fashionable comfortably is a sheer challenge that most of the girls give up. Since summer is here, so it's time to dig out cotton kurtas, sleeveless tops, cotton trousers...
top Bikinis for Body Shapes

Top Bikinis for Different Body Shapes

Ahoy! The summer is in full swing in countries like Australia and India. After enjoying the winter holidays in style, it's now time to think about the beach looms, which can slash your body...
Corporate Fashion

12 Tips to Save Your Corporate Fashion Catastrophes

With bosses being addressed by their first names to dress codes being relaxed, the corporate culture has changed drastically over the years. Although everything has become serene, it doesn't mean dress code should be...
Corporate Handbags

10 Types of Corporate Handbags You Must Know

Handbags – the only accessory every woman carries regardless of her outfit and the occasion. No matter how much you dress up, your look is indeed incomplete without a handbag. And when it comes...

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