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Fashion is constantly changing; hence one needs to be tuned, pepped and always conscious of what is happening around them at all times. Be it in terms of latest fashion, new styles, fashion trends or anything under the sun that falls under ‘Fashion’, one must have all their eyes and ears open at all times. This also means that every such individual must know what is happening in Bollywood, in movies, on runways, at red carpet events and more.

This is not easy. Hence, a one-stop-solution to all these needs is FashionLady who is active with all these latest fashion news and knows how to educate, inform and feed the audience on latest fashion styles. From apparels to accessories to lingerie and body art, all your fashion needs will be fulfilled here.

Dress to impress is a motto we all follow be it consciously or unconsciously. With the changing trends and colors of the season, it is important that every woman be informed about what’s in vogue. Maternity fashion, Plus size trends, boutique suggestions, perfumes for season, DIY’s and fashion hacks are some of the topics that are covered in the blog.

“Life is too short to wear boring clothes.” From what and how to sport it to where to buy, we give you all the secrets to being a fashionista like a boss. One cannot learn fashion, it just happens; we help you choose, pick and style bits and pieces from a big pile of fashion accessories including footwear, perfumes, watches, sun glasses and more.

How you dress speaks volumes about your personality. As Rachel Zoe said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” As seen in the latest fashion magazines and with Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities, fashion is all about how you carry yourself with confidence and élan.

Best Bikini Moments

Best Bikini Moments of all Time

Bikini is a two-piece swimsuit for women. As per Merriam–Webster, bikini is a "a woman's scanty two-piece bathing suit". This is the most popular beachwear and is often worn in hot weather at beaches for sunbathing...

Girls Love Handbags More than their Boyfriends – Says Kareena Kapoor

While endorsing for Lavie handbags, Kareena Kapoor had once said, “Girls do love handbags more than their boyfriends.” It's quite true. If you type 'Why do women love handbags', you'll come across hundreds of...
Helping Husbands Buy Lingerie

Helping Husbands Buy Lingerie

Thinking of buying lingerie for your better half? Careful! Such gifts can clearly indicate how attractive you consider her to be. There are instances where this kind of gifting idea horribly went wrong and...
Summer Nightwear

The Art of Seduction: Picking Fabulous Summer Nightwear

How many of you just want to lounge in a comfy nightwear soon after a day's hard work? I guess all ladies would want to... As most of us come from an Indian conservative society,...
Beat the Heat Summer Fashion

How To Look Stylish While Beating The Heat

We are here to discuss fashion, but can we just talk a little on how hot the climate has been lately? Yes, summer is in with sweat and mood swings. It is that time where...
Funky Jewelry

Funky Jewelry In Fashion This Summer

Seriously thinking about fashion this summer? Well, you do not have to shop around lavish shopping malls and exquisite brand stores to pick something for the trend. You can look stylish even without upgrading your...
Lingerie Accessories

Upgrade Your Lingerie Accessories and Avoid Embarrassing Moments

"Finding the perfect bra is about taking the time, going to a place that knows what they're doing, being relaxed and trying on plenty." - Jackie Hill. Ever wondered how your favorite celebrities manage to look...
Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret Launches Yoga Pants To Motivate Indian Gals

If you're a Victoria's Secret fan then Doutzen Kroes would be a familiar face for you. You might be used to seeing her in steamy bikinis and sexy lingerie ads, flaunting to-die-for figure. This...
Latest Alibi for Bollywood Designers

Is Vintage Lingerie The Latest Alibi For Bollywood Designers?

Did you know Aishwarya Rai Bachchan had worn a vintage lingerie specially bought from Paris for the movie, Guzarish? Well, directors and actors are not the only dedicated people to make a film a success,...

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Bollywood has long been known for its lavish fashion and festival celebrations, and Holi is no exception. Holi is one of India's most celebrated...

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