Chic Looks from Sex And The City To Flaunt


Sex And The City

India so needs more series such as the famous Sex And The City. The sitcom as well as the movie popularly known for women power, empowerment and more, taught us Indian women a thing or two on how to deal with being a woman of the new-age and breaking old patriarchal bastions with a touch of humour too. From joyful weddings to sadness galore, lonely moments to unending girls’ nights out in NYC, Carrie Bradshaw, the protagonist told us a story of real women out there through her words!

The Most Loved Sex And The City Outfits

Keeping that in mind, we now would like to present the Most Iconic Looks from Sex and the City, which you can emulate for daily wear, to work, or maybe for Christmas and New Year Parties this year!

Many Seasons And The Many Iconic Looks From Sex And The City

With so many seasons gone, Sex and the City still remains cozy in our hearts. Not only for the message it spread, but for the wonderful sex and the city fashion sense and style they brought forth too! Thank You Carrie Bradshaw, you’ve shown us women (of all age groups), a way to doll up and look stylish each day.

Sex And The City Outfits

A Fashion Icon She Is – Carrie Bradshaw

Dressing up like Carrie Bradshaw comes easy, and especially when dolling up in eclectic styles! The skirt in purple with a black top for a party, screams DIVA!

Sex And The City Fashion

Samantha Jones Is Naughty

If you love flaunting your naughty side and with utmost diva’ish style that too, follow the ways of Samantha Jones. Her naughty sense of dressing with subtle erotic touches, says it all!

Most Iconic Looks from Sex and the City

Ranges Of Cocktail Dresses

From low necklines on Samantha to the pretty long white rompers on Carrie, and the prettiest of mustard yellow Greek ensemble evening wear and pink peplum Sex And The City outfits on the other two besties, take your pick for the party wear to flaunt in this Christmas!

Sex And The City Style


Bold And Daring

Some call it ghastly, but we call it bold and daring. And this is exactly what the powerful women on SATC taught us to be. Keeping in mind with the Indian climes, loose tops that flow wild and long metallic harem pants for the summer months are the coolest iconic statements to flaunt!

Sex And The City Looks

Miranda And Her Elegance

Comforted, sane and sorted, Miranda played her role to the heaps in the most elegant wear of the four divas onscreen. Drop dead gorgeous would be you, should you decide on sporting a high slit and low V Neck cocktail gown with metallic stripes running amok!

Miranda in cocktail gown

Prints, Graphics And Floral Patterns

Sex And The City girls taught us how to break away from monotony in life, and in fashion too. Check out the bold large prints, deep red floral patterns and mini graphic designs on these cute dresses! Life does emulate fashion and vice-versa, isn’t it?

Sex And The City Girls

Carrie Made The Tutu Cool

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If you thought the TUTU was only for the ballerinas, you got it all wrong so far. Carrie Bradshaw style showed us girls how to wear the tutu and flaunt it with grace that too!

Carrie Bradshaw style

Poncho Dresses For A Party

Wearing poncho dresses wasn’t for the summer parties alone, because Carrie showed us how to doll up in the same with pink touches for the midnight raves at Christmas. Hold your cocktail in hand at the social do, and flaunt a sexy shoulder with a colourful head gear for company!

Poncho dresses

At A Friend’s Wedding

Dressing up for your BFF’s wedding should not be a toughie, not when Carrie once again shows you what to wear for a winter gala festive moment. Should the climes be too nippy, a warm overcoat in a dark shade with the pink sleeveless dress would do wonders!

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Carrie pink sleeveless dress

Sexy At the Beach Party

A floral cocktail evening wear with frills for the V NECK, just as Carrie flaunts one is sure a hot trend to emulate! You never know who’d want to do a jig on the floor with you that night!

Floral cocktail evening wear

Here were a couple of the best and the most Iconic Looks from Sex and the City for one and all to have fun with! Do send us your style quotient and we would like to talk about them too!


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