Choose Your Eye Makeup Based On Your Zodiac Signs


Eye Makeup Based On Your Zodiac Signs

If you are a zodiac believer, it is most likely that you are already looking at your horoscope to determine your career moves, which color to wear, what number to put on your number plate and how to find your perfect love match. And, we believe that there is no harm in doing so. We are actually asking you to take it a notch further.

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If you are using your horoscope so extensively already, why not rely on your zodiac sign to find the most flattering makeup look? Yes! You read that right. Artist Slaughterose has created a zodiac eye chart with makeup and eye shapes for each of the 12 Zodiac signs. You can either check the chart that is given below, that is, if you are a keen observer:

Eye Makeup for Zodiac Signs


You could refer to our detailed article, where we guide you with tips on how to use eye makeup based on your Zodiac signs. Read on to find out more.

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To start, Zodiac signs are divided into four broad categories with respect to the character traits they portray:

1. Fire Signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The Fire Signs, known for their feisty and fiery attitude, are very temperamental. Those born under fire astrology signs are very dynamic and exude an aura which is quite like the fire spreading. That is exactly how their makeup should also be. Fire signs should lean toward brighter bold colors, such as red, orange, etc.


Aries is the first of the fire signs which means that the dynamic and temperamental qualities are heightened. Aries women generally have roundish and expressive eyes so it’s mandatory that their eye makeup is used in a way that it tones down their otherwise feisty attitude. A metallic blue eye shadow looks great on an Aries.

Aries Eye Makeup


Leo is the middle fire sign with the sun, which happens to be Leo’s astrology symbol. Take any Leo and they love to be the center of all the attention, and this is where they perform and also feel the best. The type of eye makeup that compliments their character best is one that has bright eye shadow related to it. Bright colors like orange and red do great justice to a Leo’s makeup.

Leo Eyemakeup


As the final fire sign, Sagittarius leans toward the slightly philosophical, the bottom part of the fire that is mystical and also out of reach. Sagittarius is the most gentle of all the three fire astrology signs and is symbolic of fire slowly going out as it nears its end. To enhance the mystical characteristics of a Sagittarius you could use a bright pink or purple eye shadow which sits right with the large pretty eyes of a Sagittarius.

Zodiac Signs Eye Makeup

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2. Water Signs – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water can be quite refreshing, yet is like a cool stream, or it can be mysterious and dark like the depths of the ocean. Water sign people have a knack for dealing with others. They can look into other people and understand the motives and needs of other people and to sum it up, they are borderline psychic and the most in tune with others. People with the water signs should lean towards a more sensual and a moist sense of style. Glossy or luminous colors in your makeup kit that reflect light, are good choice for you.

Eye makeup


Eye makeup for Scorpio


The final water sign is represented by its overly flexible and too adaptable character. Pisceans are very charming, inspirational and mystical and calm. Piscean women have large pretty eyes that are a window to their soul. Add just a bit of Kajal and some bluish hued eye shadow and you’re good to go.

Eye makeup for Pisces

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3. Earth Signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Earth is real. Suitably so, earth signs are very down to earth and real. Earth is the basic foundation on which everything is built. Earth people are pretty solid and stable and composed of many different parts. When it comes to eye makeup, Earth signs should lean toward more of a natural expression of colors, that is, use of more earthy tones and neutral colors.

Earth Signs Makeup


Being the first earth sign, Taurus is the most stable and the strongest. Known for their otherwise stubborn nature and their unwillingness to change, Taurus is also earthly sensual. A Taurus has round eyes that are prettiest, left otherwise natural with a touch of kohl.

Tarus makeup


The middle sign is represented by the middle of earth, neither quite on the surface and nor quite deep down either. Stuck with indecisive, a Virgo lives in their own world on an earthly-mental plane. One thing is certain, Grey or ash eye shadow should look on a Virgo at any time.

Makeup for Vigro


Represented by the lower earth, Capricorn is earth in its most basic and purest form. Capricorn is mysterious and deep. They can also be dark, not really in a malicious sense, but in a depressed sort of way since they are conservative. Greens and mossy hued eye shadows look great on a Capricorn since they have slightly oblongish eyes.

Makeup for Capricon


4. Air Signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Air is the element that you cannot touch or see, but can be mysteriously contained. Air people live in their mind and they are caught up in their thoughts. They are very mental oriented people having a deep knack for intelligence but lacking emotional depth.

Air signs should lean toward more experimental eye makeup and more unique colors, such as purples or blues.

Air signs makeup


The first air sign, Gemini is the most flighty, marked by the known Gemini trait of indecisiveness. With dreamy beautiful eyes embroidered naturally with long eye lashes, Gemini people look good with Kajal and bright purplish hued eye shadows.

Makeup for Gemini


Libra is represented by air, wants to be peaceful and essential to the lives of everyone around, just like air. Girls of the Libra sun sign have beautiful bold round eyes, that don’t need much of a re-touching. Just a little Greyish or subtle hued eye shadow should do the trick for you.

Makeup for Libra


Aquarius is the last and the highest air element. Aquarius is very unpredictable and erratic and is the most advanced thinker of the zodiac. Big dreamy eyes characterize an Aquarian and they should use shades that complement their eyes. Pastel hues are best for an Aquarians’ eye makeup.

Makeup for Aquarius

Enhance your look further by choosing colours that compliment your personality best.


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