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Particular Lipstick Colors For Lip Shapes To Use – Glossy Isn’t For Large Lips!

by Fashionlady
Lipstick Colors For Lip Shapes

Lipstick Colors For Lip Shapes

How many times have your friends pointed out to you that the lipstick you’ve worn just doesn’t suit your lips! And it was embarrassing when they did so, more so when the correction was made public. Don’t worry about them, they were jealous probably. However, look at your lips and think if the lipstick colors for lip shapes you have was chosen are right or not? There is some truth in what your friends may have said, but let’s not dwell on that. We shall rather focus on getting the right lipstick colors for lip shapes, so that you don’t have to face embarrassment anymore.

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Here is a mini guide on the right lipstick colors for lip shapes, so please read them carefully.

For Women With Lips Too Thin

You could have one of the lips thin or both, and for that we would look at peaches to pale pinks, light beiges and clear orange to use. These are colors that enhance the lip and make them full.

Do not use dark reds and reds or dark shades or browns, since they minimize the fullness of the lips. Use lip gloss for sure, which helps provide volume to the lips.

Lipstick For Different Lip Shapes

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For Women With Lips Too Full

You could have one or both lips quite full and pouty, and here is where you should NOT USE LIPGLOSS. Matte shades of soft pinks and reds, berries and mauve, browns etc. should be used.

NEVER USE GLOSS on the lips and you do not need lip liner for such lips.

Different Types Of Lip Shapes

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What Colors To Wear For Daytime

If you are wearing lipstick for the day, you should go with warm colors that enhance the look.

Colors such as peaches to pinks, corals to berries and beige, work best for the daytime affair. Never wear cool tones during the day or else it would look dark and gothic. Only for women with thin lips, gloss is a must to glam the daytime look which would bring in the compliments.

Apply Lipstick According To Lip Shape

Source: my-world-online.biz

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What Colors To Wear For After Sun Sets

If you are wearing lipstick as the sun sets and way into the night, do not use gloss for FULL LIPS. For thin lipped women, bright reds and pinks in glossy touches, beige and mauve are great to wear. However, remember the rule as mentioned on different types of lip shapes.

What colors to wear For After Sun Sets

Source: aelida.com

Balance the look of the lips with that of the eyes. This is an important rule to follow when wearing lipsticks during the day or the night. If the eyes are too glossy, shimmery or colorful, the lips should be left bare minimal and peachish, which helps bring about a balance or else you would look like a Christmas tree walking around – avoid this mistake at all costs.

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Lipsticks For Work

While at work your makeup should be natural to minimal or nude. You could try a hint of gold with fuchsia, berries with pinks, bright colors with matte powdery touches too. Once again and following the color wheel here, you need to remember to wear warm colors during the day and cool colors at night. However and we repeat, NO GLOSS FOR LARGE FULL LIPS!

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Lipsticks For work

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If You Have To Use A Lip Liner

Lip liners are mostly used to correct the lip shape and to contour them too. If you have to use lip liners, you must use one shade lighter to that of the lipstick color. First apply Vaseline or lip balm to the lips and then outline the lips. The next step would be to use the lipstick with a lip brush to fill the lips. Final touches would be with the lipstick and the lip brush blending the liner into the lip.

Lip liner

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Enjoy your new look sans mistakes with the tips on apply lipstick according to lip shape!

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