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Dial Up Your Summer Fashion Imagination: Ways To Play And Style Tropical Prints Fashion

by Fashionlady
Ideas About Tropical Fashion

Tropical Prints Fashion

Bored of the normal prints and patterns? It is then time you make an overhaul of the closet you own in chic tropical prints fashion statements. A little bit of the tropical scene for the summer fashion is a must, or else how would you spray color into the run of the mill street style and work fashion? Here are a couple of chic tropical prints fashion statements and ideas about tropical fashion that you can fabulously wear and flaunt.

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Twenty Tw0 Statement Ideas About Tropical Fashion Prints To Wear

1. Cute cotton straight pants in matte tones with dark toned tops or boob tubes

Tropical Style Fashion

2. Solid colored tops wit Hawaiian tropical prints for the Friday look at work

Ways To Wear Tropical Prints
3. Off shoulder green tropical prints on rompers so cute, you just have to wear them to the beach

Tropical Prints

4. Prêt a porter tropical prints for the evening out with friends

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Womens Tropical Clothing

5. At the beach and when you don’t want to wear bikinis, cute printed shorts make magic happen

Tropical Fshion For Womens
6. Tropical printed bralletes for the fashionista that wants to keep it minimal and simple

Tropical Summer Prints
7. Out on a sunny afternoon wearing cotton pants and a tropical printed top, so cool!

Tropical Prints Fashion Trend

8. Need ideas for the formal gathering? Tropical printed cocktail wear!

Tropical Fashion
9. Make heads turn when playing softball at the beach in a sensual tropical printed bikini top

Best Tropical Print

Tropical Floral Print
12. Tropical printed dresses with a sheer solid hued summer coat makes a fashion statement

Best Tropical Print Fashion
13. Low Vneck and large printed tropical flowers on a dress to fake a tiny waist for plus sizes

Womens Tropical Fashion
14. Tropical printed fashionable skirts with a solid hued top and dark glasses

Tropical Print Trends
15. Tropically yours in a flowy maxi spaghetti dress, why not?

Tropical Print 16. Printed off shoulder tropical tops and a flowing midi skirt

Printed Off Shoulder Tropical Tops

17. Tropical printed summer dresses for every reason and occasion

Tropical Printed Summer Dresses
18. A long printed tropical dress when the clients meet off shore to strike a deal!

Long Printed Tropical Dress
19. A one shoulder sexy silhouette in tropical prints for the honeymoon moods!

Best Tropical Prints
20. A beautiful maxi dress in tropical prints can make magic happen any day!

Best Ways To Wear Tropical Prints

Makeup And Hairdos With Tropical Print Fashion

We have shown you how to wear your tropical prints and how to fashionise them, so let’s also guide you a little on how to keep the makeup and hair going for you.

1. Makeup wise, we would look at keeping the natural mode on. A healthy blush for the cheeks in pinks to peaches would be the best thing to do, so that it balances the colors on the prints you wear on your ensemble. Another thing to remember is to play with the sultry look on your eyes; smoke them up in tones dark, black, grays and browns for the very bohemian beach girl look to come through. Neutral eye shadows for the eyes are the best to wear, however if it is for the evening, you may go ahead and try warm colors with a little shimmer on the inner corner of the eyes. Lipstick should be peach, pinks and mattes for the day, with shimmers and gloss for the nights only.

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Ideas ForTropical Fashion

2. Hair wise, we would look at beach waves and tussled hair for the day look. However, if you are looking at a formal social do in the evenings, you then should wear your hair in a top knot, chignon, updos, barrel curls and even as braids tied into a sleek knot. Embellish with flowers and beads for the day, and chunky jewelry for the night to make a statement.

Tropical Prints Fashion Trends

Do let us know what you thought about these twenty fashion statements in tropical prints and our hair and makeup tips on tropical style fashion as well!

Images Source: pinterest.com

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