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Does Kim Kardashian Only Own A Handful of Outfits?

by Fashionlady
Kim Kardashian best fashion Style

Kim Kardashian Fashion style
Do you ever find yourself gravitating towards the same colour or style? Do you repeat the same outfit over and over again just because it looks good on you, so why not wear it all the time? Well, so does Kim Kardashian. Despite being heralded as a fashionista, Kim Kardashian does not believe in the whole “never-repeat-your outfits’’ rule that most celebrities swear by. If Kim loves a particular outfit, then she has no qualms about repeating that outfit over and over again with some minor alterations to change the style up a bit.

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Here’s proof that the fashion-loving Kim Kardashian only owns a handful of outfits.

The Harem-Style Jumpsuit with Sandals

Kim has been spotted wearing the exact same harem-style jumpsuit on three different occasions. She changed her accessories and wore her hair differently each time to keep her look fresh each time. She wore simple sandals all three times and wore her trademark Kim Kardashian makeup to complete the look.

Kim Kardashians harem style

Source: buydesignerfashions.com

The Pale-Pink Latex Bodycon Dress

It’s no secret that Kim loves wearing bodycon dresses that show-off her curves. And her absolute favourite bodycon dress is this pale-pink latex dress that just moulds to her body, showing off her shape and figure. Sure the style is a little different each time but the colour, fabric and overall look of the dress is the same.

kim kardashian latex leather dress

Source: cosmopolitan.com

The All White Crop-Top-with-Pencil-Skirt Combination

As much as we love this look, we desperately hope that Kim is done with it. She has been spotted wearing this all white outfit too many times. It is always the same – white crop top, white pencil skirt, nude sandals, and minimal or no accessories. It is a classy look that we loved seeing her in the first few times, but then it got boring. Enough Kim, give this outfit a rest.

Kim Kardashian Wears Crop tops and pencil skirts

Source: pinterest.com

The Camel Coat

Kim loves to pair this long camel coat with a dress. We’ve seen it numerous times, but we can’t blame her. That camel coat does look super comfortable. And what’s more it is stylish as well. No wonder Kim loves to flaunt it as many times as she can.


Kim Kardashians camel coat

Source: pinterest.com

The Sheer Black Top and Black Pencil Skirt Outfit

Who doesn’t love black? Kim sure does. She especially loves her sheer black top and black pencil skirt. Here’s Kim wearing the same outfit albeit with different shoes and jackets. She even wore it during her blond-hair phase. We gotta say, Kim looks good in black.

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Kim Kardashian black jumpsuit styles

Source: pinterest.com

The Bodysuit with a sheer black dress and a jacket

Okay, so this not the exact same outfit per say, but it sure is the same style. Kim paired a black bodysuit with a sheer black long dress and a black jacket. While the plunging necklines showed off her bosom, the see-through material gave a tantalizing glimpse of her legs. The jacket added more dimension to the look, taking the outfit from simply ‘sexy’ to ‘powerfully sexy’.

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Kim Kardashian Style 2015

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