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Easy Makeup Tricks Your Makeup Artist Never Would Tell You

by Fashionlady
Easy Makeup Tricks

Easy Makeup Tricks

So there is a big event and you have been invited for the party as well; a week from now is when you want to shine and shimmer at the gathering- great going! Will an ordinary facial help? It could, if done in advance, but what about we tell you a few handy hacks and makeup tricks, which would bring about a flawless princess look you so desire to flaunt?

These Easy Makeup Tricks Should Do The Trick

The below mentioned quick, simple and easy makeup tricks will give you a parlour -like glow. Sounds interesting and exciting? Read on!

BB Creams Helps Fight Ageing

Most BB creams of repute have antioxidants in them, which helps fight the onslaught of free radicals- culprits that provoke ageing of the skin. BB creams are used to improve the elasticity of the skin too, and protects us from the harmful UV rays of the sun as well.

Quick makeup tricks

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What About CC Creams?

Dark spots, blemishes, eruption remnants, hyper-pigmentation, sun spots, age spots and melasma to name a few, use CC creams to cover them all and to conceal the pesky nuisance too. How cool are these tricks for makeup?

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Simple makeup tricks

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Start 24 Hours Before The Party Night

Why do we say 24 hours before? This is to help de-tan and to bring back a glow so luminous that you wouldn’t need to apply plenty of makeup for a fabulous look to showoff. Grab hold of a facial cream and a bronzer to begin with (1:1). Apply the paste evenly on your neck, your forehead and your face. This is one of the best makeup tricks, which wouldn’t bring about a fake bake look, and yet showcase a vibrant face at the party the next day. Wasn’t this one of the easiest makeup tricks ever!

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Best makeup tricks

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The Next Morning

If you do have acne or pimples, we always recommend using a reputed moisturizer and a facial primer of repute too. Mix the two in equal amounts, and apply it gently on the skin. The skin would look makeup free and flawless as well. This is another of the many makeup tricks, your MUA wouldn’t ever tell you.

Elemis total glow bronzing body lotion

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After The Party

So the party was a hit and you gained all accolades for the diva-ish look too, but what about the makeup on your face? How do we get that removed without annoying your precious skin? One of the easiest of all easy makeup tricks comes from grandma’s mind- use coconut oil or Vaseline on cotton to wipe the minerals away from your face. Wash it off with cold water and the skin stays soft and supple too. Perfect for sensitive skin!

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Tricks for makeup

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Should I Use BB Cream Now?

Most PYTs haven’t been told when to use BB creams ever, and hence are prone to confusion. Even if you have acne, pimples and breakouts, you can use BB creams to gain lightweight coverage from them all, and conceal the redness on the skin as well. Did your MUA ever tell you that? NO!

BB creams tricks

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Age Spots

What they be? Well who are we kidding! Age spots are on everyone these days, thanks to the lifestyles we lead or the elements that play havoc with our skin. We have quick makeup tricks for that too, and faking the flawless look couldn’t have come easier. Choose high-end BB creams and mix them with traditional foundation (closest to your skin tone), for the base- no age spots ever to make you frown!

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Easy makeup tips

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And those dear PYTs was a comprehensive list of simple makeup tricks which most MUAs wouldn’t ever open up and tell you more about! We hope you now know how to glow like a fairy and shine at the party! Have fun ladies!

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