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Everything an Apple-Shaped Girl Needs to Know About Dressing

by Fashionlady
Apple-Shaped Girl Dressing Tips

Apple-Shaped Girl Dressing

Are you a sweet and sexy apple? Wide torso, larger fuller breasts, heavier midsection and slimmer legs – if these sound quite like you, you definitely are. And there is no wonder that you find it tricky to balance the proportions of your body and dress up the right way sometimes. But, an apple-shaped girl can look absolutely fab and confident if she chooses her outfits prudently. Here is everything you need to know about dressing. Go through it.

Apple Shape Woman Dress Styles

Apple shaped girl dressing

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Lingerie Lessons For Apple Shape Woman

Let’s start with the first step of dressing i.e. choosing appropriate lingerie. It can be a true challenge as you need to balance out your shape by accommodating your stomach the right way. Keep the following lessons in mind while making an undergarment purchase:

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  • Find well-fitted bras that can separate your bust line from your tummy and define your shape better. Wearing something smaller than your actual size for killing that big-busted look simply doesn’t work. Rather, women end up destroying their shapes this way.
  • An apple-shaped woman needs strong support for her delicate pairs that are average to large in size. So, replacing those triangular or strapless bras with cup (half or full) ones is always a good choice.
  • Skip push-up bras, please! You really do not need to highlight your bust any more.
  • It is important to harmonize your larger tummy with your narrower hips. Try panties with high-waistlines and French knickers to lessen the effects and create a beautiful curve.
Lingerie for apple shaped girl

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Upperwear For Apple Shape Girls

Fuller busts are assets of apple-figured girls. So, you don’t need to hide your cleavage. Just choose your upperwear a bit wisely. We tell you how to do it:

  • Being a woman with an apple-shaped figure, you must focus on creating silhouette by picking appropriate upperwear. Tops or blouses with ‘V’-neck, high-waist and ruffles around the neckline may be some of the best options for adding definition to your shape.
  • You must put some efforts in drawing away attention from your oversized tummy. Wide necklines or careful detailing around them can help you do it successfully.
  • Avoid loose baggy clothes. They will make your frame look even bigger instead of flattering it.
  • Simple button-down shirts made for women can embrace your natural outline fabulously over their square counterparts with no specific shape. Also, try to avoid high-neck shirts, if possible.
Tops for apple shaped women

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Bottom-wear Basics For Apple Shape Women

Knowing the basics is a must for apple-shaped females for picking the right bottomwear. The secret is to wear something that helps show off the slim legs without adding bulk to the tummy. We guide you here:

  • Opt for bottomwear in bright vibrant colors and non-pretentious cuts to add dimension to your structure and accentuate your narrower bottom.
  • When it comes to skirts, straight, ‘A’-line and pencil ones (finished right above the knees) make an apple-shaped body looks stunning.
  • Steer clear of pleated skirts as they will always fail to bring out your waist and make you look bulky at the midsection.
  • If shorts are your weakness, go for them. But choose the high waistlines over the low rise ones to expose your toned legs and avoid ‘muffin top’.

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  • Boot cut or boyfriend cut jeans and denim trousers with wide legs will shape up your hips and balance your overall appearance.
  • Skip skinny bottomwear like leggings, jeggings, pants, etc., which makes your thin legs look even thinner.
  • Trousers with flat fronts and side fastening will be the best for you. They should also come in flared legs, relaxed fit and solid shades.
Styling tips for apple shaped girl

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Dress Dilemmas

No more dilemmas about which dress to buy, you lucky apple girls! There are a plethora of choices for you. Let us tell you how to land the best ones:

  • Nobody can look as gorgeous as an apple shape woman in a beautiful ‘A’-line dress. However, it should not be figure-hugging and the waistline must be a little loose.
  • A classic knee-length LBD with a wide neckline can enhance your figure amazingly by lengthening the torso and flaunting the sexy legs.
  • Team up a simple sheath dress with a pretty waist belt to look highly chic.
  • A halter dress or an empire dress can draw attention away from your stomach by shifting your waist a bit higher.
  • Do not put on wrapped dresses in any circumstances as they only put emphasis on your larger tummy.
Apple shaped women wear

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Layering Fundas For Apple Shape Figure

Who says that layering doesn’t suit an apple-shaped figure? If done strategically, it can balance out your whole structure and make you look enviable. Following are a couple of layering fundas for you:

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  • Classic coats will help reshape your body by putting the entire midsection out of sight and creating a contrast at the bust area. So, wearing them on your outfit will certainly create a great silhouette.
  • Business jackets are another wonderful layering option for apples to try out. The structured shape of these garments can create a perfect hourglass frame, thereby giving you a perfect sexy look.
Apple shaped body coats

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So, these were all you need to know for dressing up and flaunting your apple-figure the right way.

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