Everything You Need To Know About Nail Masks


Nail Masks

If you are in love with your nails, it’s time to think beyond nourishing nail polishes and manicures. Just like you have face masks for your face, hair masks for your hair, similarly, the most recent trend to give your nails that extra care are the nail masks. If you haven’t heard about them yet, you should definitely find out right away.

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Nail Treatments
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The Need For Nail Care

Our nails go through a lot on a daily basis. Even when you’re doing routine household tasks like doing the dishes, there is a certain amount of stress that is inflicted on your nails. This makes our nails rough and frail which is not a very favorable thing for the nails.

When our nails are pliant, they tend to be less brittle and they’re also less prone to chip or break as a result of daily wear and tear. But, how do you exactly achieve that? Having soft and nourished nails is the key here! Otherwise growing your nails might become quite an uphill task for you considering that your brittle nails will snap at any little sign of pressure.

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Nail Treatment
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The basic idea here is if you want great nails, your nails will need some serious nail pampering.

What Is A Nail Mask?

Nail masks are essentially like beauty masks or sheet masks for your nails that are essence-rich and provide a great dose of hydration. These nail masks look like mini gloves that cover about half of your finger. They envelope both the nail and cuticle in a pre-treated special nail treatment formula typically enriched with ingredients to nourish your nails.

Nail Protein
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Benefits Of Using A Nail Mask

If you’re wondering what is so special about nail masks compared to just moisturizing your hands with a normal hand cream, you will be fairly surprised to know that these two actually work hand in hand, that is, they benefit you in their own unique ways. Together, the hand cream and nail mask is like using a serum and a moisturizer together. It’s actually like the perfect nail regimen for getting those perfectly treated nails.

Nail Strengthen
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Besides nail strengthening, keeping your cuticles in a good condition is important for fighting infections. It is also imperative that you prevent your nails from cracking or peeling. Nails masks can help you achieve that.

Nail Pampering
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If you are a nail polish addict, using a nail mask is important because most nail polishes eat on your natural nail protein and leave a yellowish tinge on your nails when used over a prolonged period of time.

Great Nail Masks Available In The Market

There are quite a few nail masks available in the market but two of the best have been sorted for you below:


Sally Box Friendly Milk Nail Mask

Price: Rs. 330

Packed full of lactic acids, like goat’s milk, milk cream, etc., this nail mask is very hydrating. The application is quite similar to your regular face mask. You have to apply the mask to your nails and leave it there for about 15 to 20 minutes. Once you remove the mask, massage the remaining essence on your nails and cuticles until it is absorbed completely.

Brittle Nail Care
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Kocostar Nail Therapy

Price: Rs. 350

An intense and soothing nail treatment made up of botanicals, vitamins, milk extracts and fruit oils, it is used to protect and repair stressed nails while also strengthening them against splitting, cracking and peeling. The application is pretty much the same.

Nail Regimen
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Alternatively, you could use a DIY mask that you could make at home, which also saves you the otherwise slight pocket pinch.

So go on, try the nail masks and let us know your thoughts on it.


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