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Fashion For Women Over 50 – Steal Ideas From Oprah Winfrey

by Fashionlady
clothing for women over 50

fashion for women over 50

Over the years and touching the heart and souls of many, the Queen of talk shows, host and social activist Oprah Winfrey, CEO HARPO Company has aged gracefully. She is the reason why a million more women out there wake up with hope in their hearts each day. From being a survivor of sexual abuse as a child to growing up in poverty as a teen, Oprah hasn’t left behind her lessons learnt so far. The au naturale ebony beauty, with her sassy curls and haute outfits, her personality in total has taken the world of fashion by storm.


Fashion For Womens

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The 1994 Emmy Dress

At the 1994 Emmy Awards gathering, Oprah stunned shutterbugs and fashionistas alike proving curvy plus-sized women can make a stance and a statement in sleeveless wear too. The gorgeous fabric, embossed with pretty floral prints, makes a lovely cocktail evening wear for Indian summers!

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What to wear over 50? Take lessons from Oprah to wearing maxi dresses to Red Carpet Events.

dresses for women over 50

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Shades Of Brown

The wonders of colours in fashion and that too for plus-sized women like Oprah can be vehemently noticed. The YSL suit, a black top and Prada heels reassures big girls out there that presenting oneself with confidence is what matters!

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This surely is a great Fashion Guide for Women in their 50s. Do you see how she pulled all the attention to her neckline? Fantastic, we say!

Fashion Guide for Women in their 50s

Source: fullbeauty.com

Stunning In A Red Vera Wang Creation

Roll out the carpets once again as we take you back to the famous Legends Ball, which paid a tribute to self-empowered women. Oprah was seen gracing the occasion in a gorgeous red Vera Wang number, hosting the event and the show at the Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara, California. Off – shoulder dresses for women over 50 are also something to pull off with confidence.

Women Fashion for Over 50

Source: boston.com

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Stunning Peach And Pink At The Academy Awards Night

Oprah looked phenomenal at the esteemed Academy Awards show, wearing a bespoke Vera Wang gown in peach and pink. The gown is 100 percent hand draped with silk tulle touches and a sensual V Neckline to add more glamour to the ensemble. Fashion for women over 50 does not mean you ignore all our other fashion advices. Do you recollect that in all posts relating to plus size, we have very clearly mentioned that plus size women and whose with heavy breasts must choose V necklines as much as possible. Guess, Oprah has taken it pretty seriously.

Dresses For Women Over

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When India Called

Fashion for women over 50 does not mean wearing only designer gowns and dresses. Sarees need to be considered too, right?


Fashion Guide for Women

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Orange Is The New Black

Held at the famous Sydney Opera House, Australia, Oprah made a stunning presence and note in her crumpled elegant orange ball gown on stage.

Oprah Winfrey Dresses Skirts Evening Dressl

Source: stylebistro.com

A Customised L’Wren Scott Dress For Oprah

It is a fact that Oprah never wears anything off the rack, and her designer wear is customised to perfection, just as she likes it. The L’Wren Scott dress in pink chiffon with a belt, diamond drops for the ears and nude heels for the feet, made a fierce fashion statement on one of her shows!

Styles for Women Over 50

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Age Brilliantly And Paint The Town Red

No looking back said her magazine ‘O’. Oprah in a one piece, backless red number with sassy heels and hell a lot of confidence in her sixties, made the media moguls go crazy over this quirky red number look!

Oprah Winfrey Fashion Guide

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She Has A Touch Of Grey

Most celebritiess wouldn’t dare to touch a shade of grey, unless in brooding moods, but OPRAH in all her confidence hosts a show wearing a long grey dress, with a pretty grey ribbon bow to the side of her bust line!

What to wear over 50

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Here were the 10 trendy looks to adopt from Oprah Winfrey’s closet, and we would ask you to show them to the wonderful ladies in their fifties and above. Style and fashion is meant for all, and not for a secluded group! As you see, fashion for women over 50 isn’t really that difficult.

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