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Fashion Must Haves – 5 Essential Teenage Items

by Fashionlady
Top Essential Items for a Teenage Girl

Essential Items for a Teenage Girl
Dear PYTs in your teens,

We write this to you with total intention of helping you spruce up your wardrobe, and we understand how important it is to dress up chic and nice, but choosing the right essentials for your everyday look, makes a difference. You never know who’s watching and who’s eyes are on you, and in this day and age, with all the selfies you take and the instagramming you do, a potential employer following you may just want (or not) you on board working for a big name. But then again, it is all about the way you carry yourself, in minimal fashion, makeup, hairdos and more. From doting elder sisters to each of you, here are five important essentials teenage items you should have!

We shall break it down to make it easy for you

In this post, while we talk about the five most important essentials you should have in your wardrobe, let’s focus on each segment with choices to choose from. Remember, the aim is to make you look chic and sophisticated at the same time; being bohemian is cool, but not always!

important essentials for Teenage Items

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For the top

One of the most important wardrobe essentials for teenage girls are crop tops, polo tees, round collar tees, halter necks and more, you should have at least four to five of them in your wardrobe, in different colours, shades, patterns and styles. With them, you could mix and match combining a range of bottoms to bring on the chic look..

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wardrobe essentials for teenage girls

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Colour blocks are cool

2015 has seen the coming back of monotone fashion and colour blocks. While the former wears a very official formal look, the latter can be played around with for everyday wear. We leave that choice to you for keeps.

monotone fashion

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For the bottoms

Palazzos, skinnies, denims, ciggy pants, boyfriend shorts, hot pants, long skirts, short skirts, flair skirts and frocks; wear them all with style and flaunt a little attitude too, but in the right way. While the Indian summers and humidity kills the souls around, stir up a little more heat with haute bottoms!

Get girly with those cute short skirts in pinks and peaches

Perfect for the summer months, to college or for a girls evening out, and you wouldn’t go wrong wearing them with tees or a summer coat too!

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Wardrobe Essentials for womens

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Every teen should have a dress

For the cocktail evenings or a special time out with your beau, a dress brings on a touch of sophistication and lady-like style. Here are your options!
A lovely floral sheet embossed dress


womens loral sheet embossed dress

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A cue from Versace Fall 2014, a dress that would make heads turn at the homecoming parties

teenage girls top essentials

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A cute floral printed dress for the coffee sessions with BFFs

How to Create the Perfect Wardrobe

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Every teen should have a box of statement jewellery and accessories. From head to toe!

Here are your options!

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Chunky blingy statement head pieces and palmlaces

statement jewellery fot teens

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Chic watches and wristlets

teenage womens Chic watches and wristlets

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Rings in all shapes and sizes, from simple to midi-rings!

Popular items for teenage girl rings

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A couple of cute anklets

cute teen anklet feet

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Put your best foot forward and walk like a queen, making the boys out there swoon and fall for your feet, sometimes literally! Here are your must-have’s!
Heels or Pumps, we leave it to you, but a pair of these pretty ones is a must for classy moments

Shoes for Teenage Girls

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A pair of cute Kolhapuris to let the feet breathe

cute Kolhapuris for a teenage girls

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Chunky converse shoes

Teen Girl Shoes

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And a pair of flip-flops for everyday use

teens flip-flops

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So here were five segments shown to you, with choices to choose from pertaining to trends that are happening now! Have fun dolling up, and now that you know how to look your classy best, go ahead and Instagram your fashion diaries!

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