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From Heart to Sole with Rohan Arora – Indian Ace Footwear Designer

by Fashionlady
Indian Ace Footwear Designer

Indian Ace Footwear Designer

Have you ever heard of shoes made up of chicken-leg leather?

Yes, this kind of couture leather made from chicken’s legs which is supple soft and sturdy is brainchild of Rohan Arora – the newest kid on the fashion block who has dared enough to create a bizarre yet most sought-after collections of footwear.

It’s always highly suggested to play it safe while accessorizing your outfits, especially footwear. Always be choosy when you you go on a shopping spree for shoes.

Rohan Arora footwear designs

Source: magic-india.blogspot.com

Considering the importance of footwear, many designers in India have come up with the best of their creations to save girls from fashion faux pass. Fashionlady offers you an exclusive post on the ace footwear designer, Rohan Arrora. Have a read!

Shoes can really create or spoil your image, no matter how expensive and stylish your outfit is. For instance, imagine if you combine your evening gown with a pair of loafers.

When fashion industry was in full boom in India, an array of fashion designers emerged to soar this industry high enough in global market. In a bid to create the best ensemble, designers somewhere in the pipeline ignored on giving the additional touch to their costumes, which is a must-have for every fashionista – the right pair of shoes.

Indian Ace footwear designer

Source: wearabout.wordpress.com

However, today the fashion scenario has completely changed and people have become more conscious in whatever they wear. Foot wears have become a serious accessory apart from bags for fashion-oriented ladies and girls.

Rohan Arrora, who is a self-reliant high fashion footwear designer, says that the overall look can completely become a disaster if shoes paired are not matched correctly.

Rohan Aroras Item Collection

Source: pinterest.com

ACrazy Glorified Cobbler’ is how this ace footwear designer describes himself, confesses of mastering the tricks of the footwear trend in a tiny 6X4 shoe shop in Calcutta.

He started with his label ‘Rohan Arora’ in 2008 and started creating fashionable shoes for a few established designers in his initial days until he got a big break at the Lakme Fashion Week in 2010. Ever since that fateful day he was chosen to present solo on the runway with high fashion footwear, there has been no looking back for him.


Rohan’s multifarious Bollywood’esque designs verge on bizarre, yet are always desired by the elite class. Be his ‘Nakkashi’ heels or the unique mix of fabrics, Bollywood-inspired paintings as well as embroidered creations are exquisitely handcrafted and are indeed head turners.

Rohan Aroras Boots

Source: pinterest.com

Rohan Arrora label is now a larger than life label, full of fun, passion and of course fashion. He connects with the younger India through his creations. Fashionlady reckons on his inquisitive nature that fuels wild imagination and oozes right down to his designs.

His collections were heavily embroidered with hand-painted heels, while the finishes included chicken-leg leather, screen-printed fabrics and kalamkari prints. The show stoppers of his collections were the flats-cum-heels in which the heels could be separated from the flats.

Rohan Arora embroidered footwear

Source: tumblr.com

Stay tuned for part 2

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