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Gadgets and Smartphone: Style Statement for Women On The Go

by Fashionlady

Gadgets and Smartphone

As per a recent survey, three out of four electronic gadget companies accept that women are more likely than men to purchase tablets, laptops and Smartphones. Well, the new age fashionista is after all the beauty with brains, who is all set to voyage the world all by herself.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I take this opportunity to debunk a popular myth that has especially nested in men’s mind about women. Gone are the days when you could easily lure a woman with some colorful gifts such as a beautiful clutch with embellishments or bangles in a set of various colors. And also gone are the days when women used to buy only gadgets only looking at colors and design.

Instead, the new age fashion forward woman has the best aesthetic sense accompanied by a impressive flair for technology. As they say practice makes a man perfect, so you can blame social media which is dominating today’s generations heavily these days.

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This is the reason; the fashion conscious female fraternity is now making careful choices when it comes to buying a Smartphone or any other avant garde gadget. She is no more that puerile lady, whom gadget stores could easily provoke her to buy an average mobile device that has nothing but a fascinating case in lush color.

She now purchases electronic items more sensibly, whether it’s her kitchen appliances, car accessories or more importantly her mobile phone and laptop. She picks items that she thinks appeal to her personality and help her create a strong style statement.

Google Glasses

As technology is steadily transforming the fashion domain with 3D prints and wearable tech; the accessories are not left behind, the best example being the Google Glasses.

There are many who refer Google Glass users as ‘Glassholes’ albeit these are now among the coolest gadgets, which can make a strong style statement. Click here to know more about this device.

Apart from such glasses and hi-tech handbags, the Smartphones next to tablets are the most widely considered statement making pieces these days.

Why is a Smartphone considered as style statement? Continue reading to find out!

Style Statement Women

Most probably, the major reason behind this style craze is the people’s attitude towards the cost of an item –

  • All about the cost: Higher the cost, more trendy the item is, together with the brand name.
  • All about the class: A Smartphone in your hand shows how much financially you’re sound i.e. as per today’s mentality of people, those who don’t own a Smartphone are looked upon as unfashionable and lower class.
  • All about usability: Another reason is the features of Smartphone appeal to most of the tech savvy, including both the genders. A Smartphone is indeed one of the best inventions of 21st century. It is more than a typical cell phone used 5 years ago. With access to the Internet on the go, users are always updated about their businesses, jobs, even other fields including sports, movies & current affairs.
  • The selfie craze: The hottest trend ‘selfie’ is the brainchild of the Smartphones. With high end digital camera, the users are now able to share their selfies on social media channels, thereby updating their friends about their trips and sojourns.
  • The What’s app craze: Last but not the least, the Smartphone helps us access all the social media channels at anytime and anywhere. This is the major reason, why students crave for these gadgets.

Smartphones Style Staments

You’ll know you are a gadget lover if:

  • You’re looking for a mobile phone with the latest touch screen and OS that moves at lightning speed
  • Your home screen is an update app letting you know what the latest tech news is
  • You cannot wait for the next big release by mobile phone manufacturing connoisseurs like Apple and Samsung
  • You’re completely dependent on your GPS while driving and if you’re lost, Google Map seems to be your God sent anchor
  • Even though you’ve the latest device say Samsung Galaxy S4, your eyes are upon S5

And you discover your mobile phone is your ultimate style statement when

Mobile Phone Style Statement

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