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Gear Up For The Train Of Fashion Events At Thomso 2k16

by Fashionlady
Thomso 2k16

Fashion Events At Thomso 2k16

Energizing the soul and replenishing the appetite for dance, music and talent is Thomso 2k16, an annual cultural festival of Indian Institute Of Technology, Roorkee.

Kindling the month of lights with their celebration of culture and intellect in the most magnificent form, they are noted for organizing the largest cultural fest in Northern India. Themed as ‘The Song Of Wildflower’ this year, the fest has loads to offer that will introduce you to your new self.


Pulls your attention, isn’t it? Read along and believe it you will end up on your way to the event. Being fashion victims, the glam and glitz based events caught our eye.

What best way to bring glamour and verve to the event than to associate with Vogue on a fashion front. The time has come and stage is set for you at Thomso to flaunt your curves and toned muscles by walking the ramp in the most sizzling and heart-pausing styles. Project your confidence, your fashion sense and glam up the event with your own panache.

Thomso 2k16 Magazine
Moving on the same lines, for all the hot chicks out there, is the Campus Princess event. Pull out the LBD’s, OOTD’s, the sexy red dress or the Disney styles and dress up like dolls. Look beyond the pile of books, and get the whole world to notice your gorgeousness at this mesmerizing event.

Events At Thomso 2k16

Lastly, on the fashion front, they have the Mr. & Ms. Thomso affair to sweep you off your feet. Break your boundaries; indulge in the event with your charismatic and intellectual cards in place. Experience a whole new horizon with great style, wit and confidence.

Thomso Iit Roorkee
Isn’t that enough to make the event inviting? Yes!! Locked our dates, packed our bags and we are hitting the road to Roorkee. Are you guys joining?

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