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Habits That Are Damaging Your Hair

by Fashionlady
Habits That Are Damaging Your Hair (2)

Habits That Are Damaging Your Hair
Let’s confess, we have been very rude and rough with our lovely crowning glories. Believe it or not, the tools we use, the gels we apply or the mousse for that matter, the sprays, the colours, our routine for hair-care; actually does more harm than good. Okay, so you’d look like a diva for a couple of hours in a tight-hair-bun and that sexy black figure-hugging number, but what when the curtain falls? The next morning, your pillow says it all!

Here are 5 horrible habits that we need to shun- if you love your hair and want it to stay, read on!

Scary as the models in the image above look; you surely do not want to walk down that line. Here are the 5 habits that you should shun immediately, or else be ready to walk out bald!

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Bad habit #1

Scared of hair loss? We’ll tell you the main reasons for hair loss. But before that, check the hair tools you used, and question yourself on the following;

  1.  The last time you used them
  2.  The last time you cleaned them after every use
  3.  How clean are your hair brushes
  4.  Is there dirt, grime and bacteria on your hair tools
  5.  Have you cleaned the left-over hair from your brushes and tools once done

Tip: With the help of baking soda or clarifying shampoo in warm water, get the brushes cleaned. For straightening tongs and curlers, use a dry cloth and wipe them well after every use.

clean hair tool


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Bad habit #2

Washing your hair daily isn’t advised; the process robs the hair and the scalp of essential natural oils, making them dry and brittle. Even when using hot iron flats and curlers for style; the damage done is on the double. Products that claim to be ‘heat protectant’ actually kill the delicate strands and you wouldn’t know about it until too late. Air-drying your hair is anytime better than using curlers and hair-flat-irons.


Tip: If you have to use a dryer for your hair, hold it at arms length; the moment you feel the heat on your scalp, you should stop or pull the machine away from your head.

Bad habit #3

Hair care comes from within, hence the right diet, enough of sleep, plenty of water, exercises and more, are important aspects to growing healthy hair. However, at times and with the rat-raced lives we lead, we really tend to ignore the basics, only to complain of thinning or falling hair. A healthy lifestyle is a must for healthy hair to bounce and shine; no shortcuts here!

Tip: Please steer clear from products and services that claim to andwer your question – how to repair damaged hair overnight – there are no miracle cures for sure!

right diet


Bad habit #4

The weather is too cold outside and hence a hot shower is a must. Did you know? Hot or even warm water can rob the hair of its natural oils; making the hair roots weak and brittle, and the scalp dry. By now you should know this, or else forget about flaunting those bouncy heavenly tresses. Hot water is known to be detrimental to hair growth; dehydration from hot water makes the hair snappy- an impetus to hair breakage.

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Tip: Cold water added to warm water and then used for a hair wash is the best thing to do!

cold water


Keep in mind the above mentioned hair care tips, we bet, you will never have to complain again. Meanwhile, confess your bad hair-care habits; we are here to listen sans the judgment!

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