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Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide Auditions Have Commenced And Are Coming To Your Town

by Fashionlady
Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide Auditions

Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide Auditions

Time is flying and the most happening beauty pageant, Mrs India Worldwide is snowballing its way into our lives. It’s time we catch up with the drift and act on the opportunity to pursue our dream of the fashion world.

The  Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide event, initiated by Shri Sai Entertainments Pvt Ltd, has begun their first round i.e., auditions and we can’t hold ourselves back any longer in participating in this exciting, fun filled event. Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide is the ultimate platform for all the aspiring married women from India and all around the globe to exhibit their skills and creativity. So, buckle up ladies as the auditions are coming to your town too.

The first round of auditions in New Delhi just wound up and if you have missed it, move onto Bangalore on 29th April’17, Mumbai on 30th or Hyderabad on May 9th’17.
A click of a button on the online application on their website will get you right into the competition and an inch closer to your dreams.


If you are still sceptical about this whole new window of fantasy, read along to build the courage to take this leap of faith.

A Chance To Prove Your Worth

Have you ever stepped out, met new people and felt under achieved? Yes! Then take a step towards proving your worth by enrolling in this glamour event. Step away from the household agendas and pave way for your inner beauty by putting your most fashionable foot forward.

While we are newbies and it might be overwhelming to take up a challenge like this, note that Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide is a platform that gives you enough space to improve, learn and exhibit. Shake off those inhibitions and build your quality of creativity in the fashion terrain by learning from the renowned people of the fashion fraternity.

Meet Interesting People

Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide gives us the amazing chance to make new friends, know interesting facts about them and get inspired. While it’s a competition, we are sure you will take back home strong ties and beautiful memories with a whole bunch of diverse people. So, sweeties, while building lasting relationships, also know your opponent and build a healthy competitive environment.

Dress up Everyday

One strong reason for any woman to dive right into the competition is the chance to dress up every day. If you have spent and still spend ample amount of time looking at yourself in the mirror while dressing up, then you make the right choice to this fashion and beauty race. Let the audience be your mirror while you walk the ramp all dressed up. Enroll in this glamour filled event and dress to impress!

Explore The Latest Trends

Off-shoulder, plunging necklines, culottes or whatsoever, fashion keeps changing every day. Check yourself into this fun-filled exploratory competition to stay midst of the evolving fashion and styles. Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide provides one rocking platform to dig into the upcoming trends and style blends.

Parties and Fun

Who doesn’t love parties? Yes, we all do! While the fashion sense is put to test at Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide pageant, we can assure you that it also steers in parties and brings fun onto the table. Party and work at Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide goes hand-in-hand and you have the chance to tap to the beats and party all night long.

Socialize With Elite Crowd

Work your way up the ladder of fashion by mingling with the elite fashion crowd. A grooming session with India’s top fashion choreographer, Rashmi Virmani is in play this year for the finalists and it’s your only chance to pick cues from the right experienced people.


Exotic Destinations

A filmi song in the mountains or valleys is every girl’s dream, truly inspired by our Bollywood favorites. Mrs India Worldwide makes this wish come true with their grooming sessions being conducted in exotic destinations. So pack your best ensembles and swift away to the land of your dreams with this pageant.

Prolific Photo Shoots

Wouldn’t it be exciting to have the cameras go clickety click click all over us? Yes! Make yourself a part of this challenging competition and enjoy the photo shoots. Let the paparazzi get wild with your stunning appearances and take home an album of your best looks.

Interact With Media

Pageants strongly interact and express their accomplishments through media and Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide sets the right limelight for you to express, converse and become the face and talk of the town through media. So, camera, lights, and reel; put on your fashionable avatar and become the news!

Spill Your Brains

We all are forced to believe that pageants are all about beauty, but Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide looks beyond the physical appearance. Brush your skills to impress your audience with your carefully chosen words and wittiness. It’s time you hit the fashion bell along with strong and sensible answers.

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