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Here’s How to Get The Classy Blush Touch For The Luminous Glow

by Fashionlady
Ways to get Luminous Glowing Skin

How to Get Luminous Skin
Makeup shouldn’t look made up, and that is the gravest of all mistakes we girls do when applying blush. Why do we underrate the importance of BLUSH? When the blush can actually flush the dead and tiredness off the face and bring on a fun touch to the whole look with plenty of compliments to garner and gather later on! We really don’t want you to look like a disaster; rather we women want one another to look chic and trendy at work or at the parties. This is why we have compiled a few blush hacks for you to use and a few tips on using the right blush too. Read on PYTs, this is your manna so needed!

Step 1

Any self-respecting makeup artist would tell you why it is so important to pick the right blush shade, in accordance to your skin tone. Try out a few in person with a patch test on your wrist and then pick the one that suits you the best.

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best way to get glowing skin

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Step 2

You need to have your makeup brushes on you, choose MAC or VEGA, which helps lighten the blush effect since they have softer bristles to feel and touch!

makeup brushes

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Step 3

The colour of the blush you use should compliment the lip shade and not contrast it. Clashing on any counts isn’t allowed. The two when in sync shall enhance your features.

natural ways to get glowing skin

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Step 4

Decide if you want to use liquid or powder blushes, both bring about a natural and a very seamless look, and learn how to apply them best. Check here for best blush Makeup – Tricks and Tips.

Step 5

Push back your hair and check the hairline on your forehead. This can confuse the bejeezus out of anyone, but understanding your face shape is a must. The handy Infographic below will help you know your face shape!

blush for different face shapes

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Stop frowning and smile when applying a blush

Now that the five hacks have been told, let’s run you through the use of various types of blushes available in the market.

How to Apply Blush

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For those who would like to use the powder blush

When using powder blush, you would need to dab the brush onto the blush palette first and then the excess should be tapped off. Swirling motions at first on a very light note; touch the temples and go all the way very gently towards the cheek. Light strokes helps bring in more colour!


blush palette

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For those who would like to use the liquid blush

With the help of a flat top and a very rounded brush, dab into the blush and gently apply the same with swirling motions. Start from the temple and come all the way down to the cheek. Follow the rules as you would for powder blush, and more colour would come that way!

Best Cream Blush For All Skin Types

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For those who would like to use the stain blush

Once again, with a stain blush just as the cream blush you would need not more than two drops. The blush needs to be applied with the help of your fingers on the cheekbone. Pat and dab very lightly for the product to blend, and this would moisturize the driest areas too.

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stain blush

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For those who would like to use the stick blush

Begin from the centre of your cheek when applying your stick blush and move all the way towards the temple, and then come back. Here the colour would be consistently distributed and your fingers only should be used for the blending. No rubbing it hard or the cheeks would look extra red!

stick blush

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We hope you now understand the hacks and the right blush types to use. Please do try it yourself and let us know how it went! Blush away girls!

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