Here’s How To Use Shikakai For Hair


How to Use Shikakai for Hair
Lusting over the lovely Rapunzel locks, so soft and shiny as seen on models and celebs, at the red carpet events and in glossy magazines? Sigh! We all do!

The products these celebs use are so expensive, and for most of us a single session to gain long-lasting shine and effects would be a dream to achieve, unless of course we have sugar daddies around.

Think natural

But why would we want to use chemically induced products, which most hair dressers wouldn’t warn us about and not the blessings of Mother Nature. Yes, when it comes to hair care, from colouring to conditioning and maintaining the look, Mother Nature has her ways to care for her daughters.

Shikakai for example, found in most herbal hair products is one of the best natural herbs to use for hair care. The amazing results and benefits it brings forth is mind boggling.

Shikakai for Hair

The good old Shikakai

Shikakai fruit pods have plenty of natural healing and caring properties for our beauty and grooming regimes. The bark of the plant and the leaves too can be boiled or used as powder to condition and soften the hair, add volume to the crowning glory and also promote hair growth too.

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Use it as a shampoo, a hair wash or to cure hair related issues too, let’s talk more about the benefits of shikakai for hair-care use!

1. With 1:1 mix of shikakai powder and Ritha powder, your hair would be cleaned and the scalp remains healthy. Mix both the powders in a bowl, to which a tablespoon of vinegar is used. Keep it on for half an hour, and wash off with cold water thereafter.

Shikakai fruits for hair growth

2. To cleanse and shine the hair, use the extracts of the shikakai leaves, boiled in water for a final hair rinse. The natural oils of the scalp remains intact, which helps bring about a shine to the long tresses you flaunt.

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Uses of Shikakai

3. Ditch the chemically induced products that provide temporary shine and plenty of hair fall later, instead, opt for shikakai powder (form a paste with water) and apply it on the hair and scalp for half an hour, twice a week. The hair when washed would be soft to touch and feel, sans tangles and knots!

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How To Use Shikakai For Hair Growth

4. No more dandruff issues to deal with, so you now can DARE TO WEAR BLACK. Since there are anti-fungal properties in the herb, the nutrients found too would help clear dandruff and clean the scalp.


shikakai for hair

5. Shikakai hair mask helps clean the scalp from flakes formed due to sensitivity from elements around, the pollution and by chemical products used in the past.

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Shikakai herbal shampoo for hair

6. Shikakai is known to make the hair healthy and strong, when used as a hair pack or a mild hair cleansing agent

hair cleansing agent

7. Shikakai can be boiled and used as a mini-hair spa rinse too!

Shikakai Homemade Shampoo

Believe us girls, you would send us thank you notes pretty soon when you apply any of these formulas mentioned. Love yourself a little more, splurge less on commercial products and when you have mother nature’s blessings, allow her to care for you too!

Hope this article on how to use shikakai for hair is helpful.


  1. Nice way of explaining, but try pure shikakai powder which is very good for your hair as well as your body skin. it gives tremendous solutions

    but will take some time to get solutions in a better way

  2. yes shikakai is always good, but we dont know the value behid this

    i am using pure shikakai powder for the past 4 months


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