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How To Pronounce Brand Names

by Fashionlady
Fashion Brands

“Luxury is in each detail”, said one of the most successful designers of our time, Hubert De Givenchy.

Wait a minute; did you just pronounce his name Gi-ven-chi? I am secretly hoping you didn’t, but if at all you did, then you have to read this one till the end, and keep referring to it, till the time you get them all right.

We all have experienced that one moment of awkwardness, when just to flaunt our fashion knowledge; we mispronounced an “IT’ brand name, only to be embarrassed thereafter.

We don’t blame you ladies, after all with so many French, German and Italian high end brands, it can be tough for the best of us to pronounce these difficult brand names.

10 Commonly Mispronounced Brand Names

  1. Christian Dior: often mispronounced as “kristeen die-or”, the second word is where most the people get stuck.
christian logo

source: pinterest.com

Correct Pronunciation: Kris – chin Dee – or

2. Givenchy: often mispronounced as “Give-en-chi”. Owing to its French origin, the brand is to be spelled in a different way.

brand names

source: fashionunited.com

Correct pronunciation: Jee – von – shee

3. Lanvin: often mispronounced as “lan-vin” or “lo-wen”, this one actually fails a lot when it’s about the correct brand pronunciation.


source: wikimedia.org

Correct pronunciation: Lohn – Vaahn

4. Hermes: often mispronounced as “her-miss” or “her-meez”, the ‘H’ in this French brand is actually silent.

lohn vaahn

source: download.com

Correct pronunciation: Air – mez

5. Louis Vuitton: often mispronounced as “loois viton”, the ‘S’ in Louis is meant to be silent for this French origin high end luxury brand.

air mez

source: pinimg.com

Correct pronunciation: “loo – boo – taan”

7. Yves Saint Laurent: often mispronounced as “wives saint lorent”, this complicated brand is a tongue twister for most. Make sure you notice the silent T in both Saint and Laurent.

loo boo taan

source: fullhdpictures.com

Correct Pronunciation: “eeves saen loh-ren”

8. Adiads: often mispronounced as “aey-dee-daas”, this popular German sportswear brand is one of the most commonly mispronounced brands.


source: europeantour.com

Correct Pronunciation: “aah- dee – daas”

9. Amazon: often mispronounced as “amah-zon”, most of the people often get the latter wrong.


source: businessinsider.com

Correct pronunciation: “ama – zun”

10. Nike: often mispronounced as “na – ik”, this American sportswear brand is always struggle with its correct pronunciation.


source: versastudio.com

Correct Pronunciation: “nai-ki”

We heart you, and updating you with Fashion, is a business we take very seriously. To ensure you are acquainted with all the luxury brand pronunciation in accordance with their origin, we have compiled for you a quick brand pronunciation dictionary of sorts.

American Brands

Abercrombie & Fitch: ae-bar-combie n fich

Guess: ges

J.Crew: je kru

Tommy Hilfiger: ta-mi hilfiger

Marc Jacobs: mark jecubs

Calvin Klein: kalvin klian

Ralph Lauren: ralf lo-rain

Nike: nai-ki

Reebok: ri-bak

Anna Sui: aena swi

British Brands

Burberry: bu-bri
Anya Hindmarch: anea haindmarch

French Brands

Chanel: shanel

Chloe: clo-vi

Christian Dior: kris-chin dee-or

Jean Paul Gautier: jon paul gotier

Givenchy: jivaan-she

Hermes: ermez

Kookai : ku-kai

Lacoste: la-kast

Louis Vuitton: lui vetan

Yves Saint Lauren: eevez saen loran

German Brands

Adidas: aah-dee-das

Italian Brands

Armani: ermani

Benetton: benetan

Bulgari: bull-gari

Dolce & Gabbana: dolche n gabana

Ferragamo: faera-gaamou

Gucci: goo-chi

Moschino: maskino

Prada: prahda

Versace: Versachi

Ermenigildo Zegna: ermeni-jil-do zeinia

Spanish Brands

Balenciaga: balin-sia-gah

Manolo Blahnik: manou-lo bla-nik

Caramelo: kara-melou

Mango: maen-gou

Zara: za-ra

If you still find yourself struggling with these brand pronunciations, then we suggest you put your headphones on and watch the brand pronunciation audio again.

This video will help you learn the right pronunciation so that the next time you wish to flaunt your knowledge of luxury brands, you can do it with confidence, like a pro.

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