Here’s Your Answer To “What Color Should I Paint My Nails With”!

Nail Color Ideas

It is always a dilemma when it comes to choosing the right nail polish color to wear. This is why we hear many PYTs and women asking “what color should I paint my nails” with, and once and for all we shall help you understand the same. There is no straightforward answer to the question what color should I paint my nails, but we shall try our best and tell you all about the same. Here’s the dough on what color should I paint my nails, which encompasses nail color ideas, cute nail colors, best nail color for dark skin, best nail polish color for pale skin, nail color for skin tone, perfect nail polish color for your skin tone as well. Please read on!

7 Rules To Keep In Mind

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1. What Is Your Skin Tone Like?

Remember when we spoke about the color wheel with makeup and hair coloring? The same would be applied here in conjunction with the skin tone you are born with. This helps a lot when choosing the right nail polish to wear. For example, if you have very fair to fair skin, you should look at dark shades to wear. It should have more of the cool tones. Women with medium to dark skin, should try warm red shades and dark shades.
What Color Should i Paint My Nails

2. What Are You Wearing?

Very important to check when you have to choose the right nail color ideas. Never ever match the cute nail colors you choose to that of your ensemble. But if you have to do so, you need to make it look seamless and very natural. Refer to the color wheel and understand the rule of complimentary shades; use the same concept and you wouldn’t go wrong with the choice of nail colors to choose.

Ideas for Nail Color

3. It Depends On The Makeup You Wear Too

Ask any reputed makeup artist and they would say never to wear the nail colors matching to that of your eye makeup; it ends up looking monotonish and tacky; bland to say the least. Unless you can create a dramatic affair and know how to carry it forward, don’t go monotonish.

Nail Color for Dark Skin

4. Work With The Trends

What are fashion weeks for? Look at them, get inspired and you would know what is the best nail color for dark skin, best nail polish color for pale skin, nail color for skin tone, perfect nail polish color for your skin tone and more; a shade that would never look dull on you and a spectrum of colors to choose from.

Best Nail Color for Dark Skin

5. Wearing For An Occasion

You have to know what colors are best to wear for the occasion you have been called for; the age group and the audience or the formality of the event too. Imagine wearing gaudy colors for a bow and tie party – not happening!

Cute Nail Colors

6. The Season Too

Yes, we will follow the season climes to know which nail polish tone would suit your skin tone and the clothes you wear the best. Winters go dark, summers go bright, spring time go floral pastel and autumn go for metallic bronze and reds or russets.

Best Nail Polish Color for Pale Skin

7. Should I Wear Sparkle?

By all means, if you love glitter and shimmer, you can wear them. However, if your skin tone is too dark or too light, you should be minimal in glitter and shimmer touches or else it would look odd!

Nail Color for Skin Tone

Finally, you need to know how to paint your nails the right way. There are many tutorials around to perfect the art of polishing nails for you to learn from. Once you have chosen the best nail color for dark skin, best nail polish color for pale skin, nail color for skin tone, perfect nail polish color for your skin tone and more, go ahead and practice it on a friend. Start by applying a clear base coat on the friends nails, and then apply the nail paint. To end the routine, a top coat or clear coat should be applied to help with the longevity needs of the nail paint. White nail polish is always best as a base coat since it acts as a primer.

Perfect Nail Polish Color for Your Skin Tone

Do you have any other tips and tricks that you would like to share with our readers? Do write in – we would love to hear you out!

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