How To Do Rose Smokey Eyes Makeup


Smokey Eyes

Stepping out with rose smokey eyes that perfectly complements your evening wear or late-night party outfit can turn many heads. However, the very mention of ‘smokey eyes’ as a trending eye makeup style conjures up eerie images where you appear like a hobgoblin or elf. And there are countless women like you, who shy away from brandishing the style largely because they find it very cumbersome and complex to create.

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Pink Smokey Eyes

Contrary to what you may think, ‘smokey eye’ is basically a technique and has nothing to do with the hue or shade. The idea is to sport a look where the shade appears darkest just above the eyelashes and then lightens up gradually or receding subtly immediately below your eyebrows-like smoke. Follow the steps outlined below to create a smoldering smokey eye look.

Rosy Eye Makeup

Smokey Eyes: How To Do Rosy Eye Makeup

Rose Smokey Eyes Makeup

1. Prepare The Base First

First, lightly do up your eyelids by daubing them with a primer, working it all over the area and then moving upwards towards the eyebrows. Using this technique will not only help create the base for flaunting the smokey eyes look but also lets your makeup stay for a little longer.

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2. Coat A Pigmented Sshade That Is Medium

Opt for an eye shadow that’s rosy and heavily pigmented but isn’t too dark. Use a good quality of shadow brush and select a shade from a Maybelline, Revlon or Avon eye shadow palette. Use long, gentle strokes starting from the area just above the eyelashes shading the entire eyelid area and working all the way up to the brows.

3. Perfecting The Smokey Factor

Carve up your eyelids into distinct sections and use a shadow that contrasts your skin tone. In case the texture of your skin is fair or light, use a shade that is dark and a bit fluorescent. Brush slowly starting from one section, shading the area gradually till you move to the other section. When you finish off with all the sections, check and crosscheck if the alignment is perfect. There is a strong possibility of you messing it all up if you try to blend in the shade at one go and hence the necessity of aligning in sections.

Pink Smokey Eye Look

4. Accentuate Your Eyes

The light metallic tint might be a tad flimsy than the classic smokey eye shade which may put your eyes out of focus. So, how to put the accent on the eyes? Use an eyeliner with a darker hue to put the accent on the eyes. Make the liner work deep into the foundation of your eyelashes for highlighting the entire area. Trying to be too meticulous and perfect might be overdoing it as the appearance may be too gaudy.


5. Emphasize The Bottom Lashes

Use a shadow to dust your bottom lashes (after using a liner) identical to the one used for the upper lashes. See to it that the dusting is immaculate so that the look blends with the upper lashes. The objective is to have the smokiness all over the place from the eyelids to the lashes.

6. Now Do Up The Insides

Do up the interior corners of the eyes with a shade of shadow that is a wee bit delicate and lighter than the one you used in the 2nd step. You do this to prevent your eyes from appearing too done up so as to make them look hunched up which is usually the case when you attempt to create a smokey eye (look).

7. Make The Eyelashes Stand Out

Use a dense mascara to shade each and every hair of the lashes. First, work on the upper lashes and then move on to the bottom hairs.

Smokey Eye Look

If you were under the impression that sporting a smokey eye look was something that only can be done with ash or black hues then we’ve successfully busted the myth for you. With a little care and effort, you too can master the steps to flaunt that rosy smokey eye and look like a celeb.



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