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How to Get Better Legs: Avoid These Bad Habits for Legs

by Fashionlady
Tips to Get Better Legs

How to Get Better Legs

‘Legs’! They are the most ignored parts of our body. But being the major organs to provide support to our body, they should be treated with utmost care and love, right?
Well, do you know that it is none other than you who are doing harm to your stems and that is too with some really bad habits? Let us take a look at what is exactly wrong with us and how to get better legs fast make them look fab.

Let’s look at a few habits that are bad for your legs.

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1. Sitting on Your Ass All Day Long

Okay, okay. We know that not only you but almost all of us are guilty of it, thanks to our desk-bound jobs. And the chances are big that you are reading this right now in exact posture. But do you know that being seated the whole day can in no ways help you get better legs. According to experts, sitting all day reduces the circulation of blood throughout the body significantly, which leads to the accumulation of fluid in legs. As a result, you may experience a number of common issues like swollen ankles, blood clots in legs and even ‘varicose veins’ or ‘enlarged and twisted veins’.

Tip: Move your body as much as possible. Leave your desk at least once every hour and stretch your legs out in order to promote your blood circulation.

Avoid These Bad Habits for Legs

Source: healthydesks.com

2. Keeping Your Legs Crossed For Long

You might have heard that keeping your legs crossed for a considerable time may cause you varicose veins. But in reality, this is only true to some extent. However, the problem is genuine and you should never ignore it. It has been found that crossing the legs for long time can exert a certain amount of pressure on the walls of the veins of the limbs. It brings about blood from other sections of the vein to that portion in order to create a pool and eventually results into bulging veins.

Yes, we agree that this is a posture every lady loves to adopt, especially during meetings and interviews, but if your goal is to work on how to get better legs, then try avoiding this as much as possible.

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Tip: Not all who keep their legs crossed for long develop engorged veins. But if you find yourself to be one who suffers from this issue, try to avoid this posture as much as possible.

How to Have Perfect Legs

Source: oprah.com

3. Skipping Exfoliation and Moisturisation

You know why scrubbing your face and moisturizing it immediately afterwards are necessary, right? You can’t even think of skipping this practice and follow it religiously for the sake of your skin. But when it comes to taking care of your legs, you simply forget everything. Remember, the skin of our legs is exactly similar to that on the rest of our body. It dries up, gets damaged and even ages as usual and following a good leg care regimen is the only thing that can make all the differences. If you skip the exfoliating and hydrating parts, you will never be able to get a pair of smooth and beautiful legs. So, if your goal is to focus on how to get better legs, then don’t ignore them please.

Tip: Just like your facial skin, the skin of your legs should also be exfoliated at least twice to thrice every week. Make sure that you moisturize it right after exfoliation. It is also good to hydrate your legs after using soaps, body washes or shaving creams.

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Get beautiful legs

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4. Not Shaving Your Legs the Right Way

How many of you shave your legs the right way? Well, shaving the legs doesn’t only mean to move the razor on the skin randomly and get rid of the unwanted hair. It is a serious and comprehensive task that comes with lots of pre as well as post-care requirements. But we often feel extremely lazy to obey the rules of shaving and modify them as per our own convenience. It not only affects the results of the task, but also takes a toll on our skin in long term.

5. Not Taking Proper Care Of Nicks And Cuts

Admit it. We all have those nicks and cuts here and there on our legs and we do simply ‘NOTHING’ for them. A year-old stubborn scrape, that annoying mosquito bite you got last week or the painful razor burn you experience every time you shave, all these can turn into scars if left untreated. And needless to say, damaged skin tissues or visible scars can spoil the beauty of your smooth hair-free legs completely.

Tip: Take care of small cuts and scrapes developed on your legs from the moment they come to your notice. If there are scars on your skin, treat them with a reliable treatment or naturally (massage antioxidant-rich vitamin E oil) so that they are healed fast.

Make Your Legs Look Good

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So, no more torture to your legs. Say ‘goodbye’ to your bad habits from today and let your legs get ‘sexy’.

Hope this article on How to Get Better Legs helps you.

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