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How To Prepare Yourself Before A Haircut, Trim And More!

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Maybe more than just once in a year, we often make a parlour visit to pamper our crowning glories. A hair cut, a new hair colour, hair treatment or for a change overall, we sure do want to doll up our best and to be a classy chic diva too. However, there are mistakes we make before the parlour visit and while being at the parlour that diminishes the wow factor. Not wanting that that to happen with you or any PYT for that matter, here are five important tips to bear in mind before the next appointment.

Wash Your Hair Before the Visit

First and foremost, are you washing your hair the right way? A good hairwash doesn’t only speak volumes about your personal hygiene and lifestyle, but greasy, grimy and dirty hair is very tough to manage and style, the cuts desired too wouldn’t come through. If the stylist isn’t able to fathom the natural shine, bounce and the way your hair sits on your head, he or she wouldn’t be able to figure out a look that would suit your face!

How To Get a Good Haircut

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Refresh the Stylists Memory

So you maybe visiting off and on a particular stylist and in doing so, would assume that he or she would remember your preferences exactly the way you want it. However, this isn’t the case. Always give the stylist a brief of the events that happened with your hair in the near past, so that he or she could then work out a style that would help overcome the issues and make you look good.

How Much To Trim at Hair

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Breathe and Relax

Let the stylist do his or her job, and you should relax your body and mind at the same time. When shampooing is being done, enjoy the massage and the hair pampering routine. The style you want or the need to discuss hair colours and hair issues, should be done once your shampooing and conditioning is over.

How to Use Curling Iron for Hair

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Update your Hair Care Routine

At least a week before you make the trip to the parlour, use DIY hair packs at home to soften the hair and to keep it in good shape! This would help the stylist understand the way to cut your hair or style and colour it, just as you would like it to be.


Hair Care Routine

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Carry a Sample of the Hairstyle you Want

It isn’t easy for us to describe the look we want, which is why carrying a picture of the style of a celebrity or a friend, is recommended. Show it to the stylist who would know how to work the scissors or the colour through, and to bring you the look so desired.

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Celebrity Hairstyles for harcut

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A Little Homework on Your Part

Scourge the net and check celebrity hair styles, read about the latest colour trends and apply them in your mind. Narrow or shortlist a few styles and show them to your stylist before you plan a visit. He or she would be able to suggest if the look works for your facial structure or not.

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Make the Most of Your Haircut

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