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How to Use Curling Iron for Hair 

by Fashionlady
Use Curling Iron for Hair 

How to Use Curling Iron for Hair 

Doing up hair is as important to a lady as much as applying pancake on the face. Some girls are blessed with straight and thin hair and some have blunt locks. But if you are a party bird, won’t you want to flaunt curly hair? After all, sporting curly hairdos would add definition to your hairstyle. So here we go learning the art of curling up the hair.

Curling Iron for Hair 

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The Curling Iron

It’s not a modern invention if you please. The curling iron has been used by people for many years to bring in texture to the hair. It was in the year 1959 that curling iron made its debut. Ever since, this beauty iron is used to create all forms of curls – light, big, formal, thin spirals, bold waves or thick tube curls.

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Different types of Curl Hair 

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Preparatory Tips for Curling Hair

Right Size of the curler

The barrel size of the curler is the most important thing when it comes to curling your hair. Judge for yourself what you want – if you would like to have ‘beachy’ waves, pick a curl iron of one to two inches in diameter. If you want smaller ringlets, then a curler of 0.75 to 1 inch thick iron would do.

Right Size of the curler

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Right Heat of the curler

Depending on your hair, you need to decide the kind of heat setting required for the curling process. If you have fine hair or one which is colour treated, go for low heat (below 200 degrees) in order to avoid hair damage or burning. If you have coarse, thick or curly hair already, you can go for higher temperature of 300 degrees. Increase or decrease the temperature depending on how your hair responds. Try to never exceed 400 degrees.

Right Material of the curler

Curling irons are available in wide variety of materials so you need to know the right one for you before going ahead. Opt for ceramic and tourmaline irons since they are healthiest for the hair.

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Curling Irons for Hair 

Hair Preparing

Now that you have identified the best iron, you now need to prepare your hair for the heat. For that, you need to wash and condition your hair with volumizing products.


Choose rollers depending on the curl size that you need and then set them with hairspray. Remember, smaller the roller, tighter the curl.

Step 3

Now it’s time to divide sections before inserting rollers. Make your hair bend around the rollers to get the required curls to your taste.

Step 4

Put hair-spray now to give the finishing touch while holding the hair with the rollers.

Step 5

It’s time to apply a bit of the heat to the hair (with the rollers inserted) which a hair dryer would help you do. You can also use a dryer with attachment for this purpose.

Step 6

Let the hair cool down before you start to remove the rollers.

Step 7

While removing the rollers, brush back your hair to blend into the new shape acquired.

Stepwise Curling Procedure

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Follow-up Tips for Curling Hair

Here are a couple of things you need to bear in mind while curling iron your hair:

  • The density of our hair decides how smooth the curling process would be. If you are facing any difficulty, roll back your hair on your fingers and secure them with a clip.
  • Don’t make the mistake of curling your hair when they are damp as this will harm your hair strands.
  • Clean your curling iron after every use or else the residue will prevent your hair from being heated evenly.

Here’s a video to help you understand better

Choose the right curling product and curl and then watch your hair tresses get all the attention they deserve. Happy Curling!

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