How To Rock The Puppy Eyeliner Trend


Puppy Eyeliner

Eyeliners have always been a beauty must-have for girls, off duty and on duty. Heard of the winged cat eye look? It goes as far back as ancient Egypt and gives a very sultry and sexy look.

But of late it’s the Korean-beauty eyeliner technique which is giving cat eye a run for its money. It’s a trend which is being followed by Japan, and few countries in the Southeast Asian region.

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There is a new dog in town. It’s called puppy eyeliner and the beauty of it lies in the fact that it looks a little doe-eyed and a little innocent. Much like your puppy (except for the fact that there is no barking this time)! How sweet!

The puppy eye makeup actually creates a larger appearance of the eye and is pretty simple to do when you watch the tutorial link given at the end of the blog. Thank God, it’s not called a “dog eye” ‘cos that doesn’t sound adorable, isn’t it? So, let’s get started knowing all about puppy eye makeup which might leave some tails wagging. Woof! Woof!

Puppy Eye Makeup

What Is The Puppy Liner Trend

The puppy liner trend might be intriguing most of you a bit. It is essentially an upside-down cat’s eye that gives your eyes a youthful, rounded appearance. Instead of directing the eyeliner upwards like the way we do in a traditional cat eye, in puppy eyeliner you just need to drag the eyeliner down towards your cheek. The images below will explain you well. As for the tools needed, eyeliner is sufficient to do the trick.

Puppy Liner

First apply the liquid eyeliner to the upper eyelash line.

Puppy Eyeliner Makeup

Now do the same trick by applying the eyeliner downward.

Puppy Eye Makeup Techniques

See how amazing this technique looks with the eyes looking brighter and more rounded.


Tips To Nail The Puppy Dog Eye Makeup

Talk of the popularity and puppy eyes were seen at Marc Jacobs AW15 show. With its official arrival at London Fashion Week SS1, you can imagine how this trend is going places and winning women all over the globe.

Easy Steps In Getting Puppy Eyes

Okay, now get ready for puppy eyeliner tutorial. They are simple steps that will teach you puppy eye makeup techniques and tips to nail the puppy dog eye makeup.

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Puppy Eye Makeup Technique

Step 1

In the first stage of getting the puppy eye look, you need to lift your eyelashes. Use the Ciaté Triple Shot Mascara in order to wiggle the wand from the root to the tip on the upper and lower eyelashes. Keep repeating it till the time you get a high impact finish.

Puppy Eyeliner Tutorials

Step 2

With the help of inky eyeliner, sweep the precision tip liner along the upper eyelash line. But start from the inner eye outwards.

Puppy Eyeliner Tutorial

Step 3

This is the tricky time. When you reach your outer eyelid, move the eyeliner downwards.

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That’s why they say, every dog (read puppy) has his day. Want to know the final verdict – cat eyes are out, puppy eyes are in. It’s that simple. Hope what is the puppy liner trend excited you enough. Why not try out puppy eye makeup on yourself? Then only you will discover this trending feline sister. Drop in your views and comments. Real life puppies, please stay away!


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