Learn How To Wear Mules Like A Diva


How To Wear Mules

We dreaded wearing them in the 90s, because they were called UGLY. But cut to the new age, and we want them like we never did before. Mule shoes and footwear are laid back for sure, but they provide a sense of freedom along with the ease of wearing them.

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Fashionable Mules
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Fashionable Mules From The 90s Are Back!

Pair the fashionable mules with just about anything, and that would be the answer to how to wear mules.

Most Would Say Cropped Trousers

If you would like to learn how to wear mules, you don’t have to stick to the cropped pant pairing only. Most street style fashion lovers would agree on the same, since when it comes to knowing how to wear mules and Fashionable mules that too- use your imagination.

Styling Mules
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For Example, Mules Can Be Worn With Skirts

Western Style Mules
Source: aelida.com

Mules Can Be Worn With Mini Or Midi Skirts For Work

Are Mules Back In Style
Source: thefashiontag.com

Mules Can Be Worn With Sarees And Lehengas Too

Mules With Lehenga
Source: indianweddingsite.com

Mules Can Be Worn With Denims

Mules With Denims
Source: laurenmessiah.com

Mules Can Be Worn With Hot Pants As Well

Mules With Hot Pants
Source: gurl.com

Now those were just a few ways on wearing styling mules. Let’s take a closer look at the various ways you could wear mules with just about anything and look like a street style or an elegant cocktail diva!

1. Try wearing sporty clothing with minimal embellishments on them and white mules for company

White Mules
Source: dothehotpants.com

2. A loose top with khaki olive green pants and neutral toned mules with a similar shaded bag looks haute and trendy

Neutral toned mules
Source: cheetahisthenewblack.com

3. One of the ways to wear western style mules would be wearing flat mules with a white top and black cropped pants for work

Fashion Mule Shoes
Source: pinterest.com

4. You could also be the street style chick wearing dungarees with mules

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Dungarees with mules
Source: dothehotpants.com

5. An all white fashion statement in white mules with a white cropped top and a pair of white dressed pants

White mules with dress
Source: pinterest.com

6. A slipped dress with ankled zipped pants can pair up with black mules and a black bag

Black mules
Source: glitterinc.com

7. Short skirts and crisp tops paired with chunky mules for the party nights, why not?

Animal Print Mules
Source: pinterest.com

8. A long blue dress with mules for the cocktail gatherings after work, is a trendy style statement to make

Long blue dress with mules
Source: gurl.com

9. Oversized summer coats and mules are haute elegant statements too

Summer coats and mules
Source: beautifulgirlphoto.com

10. Cropped tops , printed harem pants and mules for the summer coffee dates

Printed harem pants and mules
Source: dothehotpants.com

11. Wear mules to the beach and pool parties, in cropped tops, tiny hot pants and a chic bag for company.

14. Printed pants and a self colored sleeveless top for the summer fun

Printed pants and sleeveless top
Source: closetfulofclothes.com

15. Purple mules, red pants and a checked top- perfect color blocking fashion to flaunt

Purple mules
Source: centmagazine.co.uk

16. Flowy skirts and styling mules are the best companions to wear for a summer movie night out

Flowy skirts and styling mules
Source: fashiongum.com

17. Stockholm street style fashion sense shows us mules paired with office wear

Mules paired with office wear
Source: closetfulofclothes.com

18. Yellow mules with a yellow coat and black polka dotted onesies help us look vibrant and radiant all through summers

Yellow mules
Source: chaos-mag.com

19. Crisp white formal tunics can be paired up with red mules for the pop of color on a boring day to come through.

Red mules
Source: fashiongum.com

20. Street style and very comfortable once again, pairing up bobby knotted denim tops with white skirts and white mules would be a trendy statement to flaunt.

White mules fashion
Source: fashiongum.com

Here were thus twenty ways on how to wear and flaunt your mules because as you know the answer to are mules back in style is a YES. Go right ahead and wear those fashion mule shoes now; to work, to play, to a date or just about anywhere you wish too. Have fun!


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