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Long Blonde Hairstyles That Make You Look 10 Years Younger

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Long Blonde Hairstyles

Long Blonde Haircuts

Just sit in front of your mirror and try these long blonde hairstyles if you are looking to knock off years from your looks. No matter what your complexion or face shape is, some hairstyles can effortlessly make you look younger. But remember, whatever haircut or style you choose, make sure to get regular trims and look after the health of your hair. Nothing can make you look more aged than dry, frizzy and straggly hair along with feeling aged.


Some hairstyles for long blonde hair that make you look 10 years younger are:

1. A Loose Up Do

Don’t tie your hair into a side bun or go for a puffed hair do. These long blonde hairstyles make you look older. Instead, go for a simple and loose up-do with a few strands of hair hanging in the front of the face. This will make you look younger and people will be left guessing your age. This hairstyle not only makes you look casually beautiful but also knocks off years from your face.

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Hairstyles for Long Blonde Hair

2. Wavy At The Ends With Golden Hues

For this hairstyle you do not need to do much, if you have straight and blonde hair, then create waves at the lower end of the hair and give it a golden hue. The golden blonde hue looks great and helps to knock off years instantly. Blonde with golden streaks look really chic and stylish with waves at the end. It is a great hairstyle for people with long blonde haircuts who do not want to change their style yet look young and elegant.

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long blonde hair

3. Tousled Shoulder Length Hair

This tousled, shoulder-length cut long blonde hairstyle would look great on a woman of any age. This look works best on hair that is mostly straight, however if you have naturally wavy or curly hair, long layers cut to the shoulders can look very flattering and reduce age by years. It not only makes you look young but brings freshness to the whole look. A great hairstyle for long blonde hair apt for parties and celebrations.

Long Blonde Hair Ideas

4. Bangs

Bored with your hairstyle for long blonde hair? Just add bangs to your hairstyle and take-off 10 years from your appearance. Blunt bangs and side-swept bangs look good on women of all age and for older women it helps them look younger as it brings a softness to the face. Both these bangs will make your eyes pop. But do not get bangs cut if your hair is curly, as it makes it look just all the more messed up.

Beest Long Blonde Hairstyles

5. Color Your Hair And Highlight It With A lighter Color

Coloring your hair chestnut brown or auburn with the strands highlighted with lighter colors at the end can definitely make you look much younger. There is nothing much to do in this hairstyle, except the fact that you need to color your hair well and get the right highlights. So, if you want to look younger and good, don’t cut your hair, just color it.


Ideas For Long Blonde Hair

6. Long, Side-Swept Bangs Paired With Layers

Long shoulder length hair can be cut in layers with side swept bangs can also make you look good and young. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and gives you the perfect messy look to look younger. No styling is required for this hairstyle as just washing and drying brings out the desired look perfectly. It makes women look smarter and beautiful.

Classy Hairstyles for Long Blonde Hair
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