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Maharashtrian Bride Hairstyle And Makeup By Kalyan Jewellers

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Maharashtrian Bride Makeup by Kalyan Jewellers

Maharashtrian Bride Makeup by Kalyan Jewellers

India is the home to a host of cultures and religions, with each and every region having its own identity. On regular days, the difference between these clans may not be highlighted, as we all tend to dress up the same. But, on that special day, an Indian Bride chooses to don her traditions, appearing to be that perfect mirage of her roots and the traditions she was born and brought up with.

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So, be it the bold bindi and sindoor of the Bengali bride, that loud and OTT look of the Punjabi bride or the simple and classic South Indian Bride, every Indian bride looks pretty carrying her uniqueness.

This session of Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers is dedicated to the pretty, charismatic and colourful Maharashtrian Bride. You can watch the video here.

They have partnered with hair and makeup expert, Sahibba K.Anand, who gives us a quick step-by-step tutorial on the hair and makeup tips for a Maharashtrian Bride.

Maharashtrian Bride

1. Sahibba starts with making up the hair first. She pulls back the tresses into a ponytail, securing it with a Donut Bun. She suggests concealing the added bun with the sections of the ponytail wrapped around the bun.

2. Then comes the highlight of the bridal updo, the Maang tika. Believe us when we say, the placement of the maang tika can actually make or break your look. The expert suggests that the maang-tika should be secured with a thread wrapped around the bun to ensure that it stays in one place, with a minimum number of pins.

3. To seal this sober ethnic updo, Sahibba styles the front with a bit of backcombing and gently twisting the edges, to be tucked around the updo. She finishes the updo by spraying on a generous amount of hairspray to ensure its longevity.

4. After sealing those tresses, our expert moves on the Bridal makeup. As always, she starts with the eyes. The eye makeup begins with dabbing on a base on the lids layered with an HD finishing powder. Working upwards, she suggests that the eyebrows should be balanced and filled in.

5. For eye shadow, the lady sticks to her favourite Champagne highlighter. Fusing in the smoky look, an expert tip Sahibba gives is to use a waterproof gel liner to combat all that after crying effects. According to Sahibba, false eyelashes are a must, as they really can elevate the overall bridal look.

Eye makeup

6. Once the base of the eyes is done, Sahibba starts dabbing on the concealer and the foundation on the face of the bride sealing it with the HD powder. A tip here is to use the foundation shade closest to the bride’s skin tone.

7. To finish the eye makeup, the water line is lined with the gel liner followed by kohl. Sahibba suggests keeping it thicker on the edges to ensure the eyes look big and beautiful. The false eyelashes are given a dose of mascara to ensure they are in sync with the natural lashes.

Maharashtrian Bride Makeup

8. Sahibba prefers contouring the cheeks, with peachy pink followed by champagne highlighter to make the cheekbones appear a tad sharper.

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