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Make Up Tricks To Make A Big Nose Look Small – A Nosy Affair

by Fashionlady
Make Up Tricks To Make A Big Nose Look Magically Small - Quite A Nosy Affair

Make Up Tricks To Make A Big Nose Look Magically Small - Quite A Nosy Affair
It was such a compliment back then to be labeled ‘Pinocchio’- cut to this day and age, you would take it as an offense. But apart from spending a bomb and undergoing the knife to make the long nose look small; side-effects and pains included, is there a way to steer clear from it all? YES- makeup can help – here’s how! Here are a few long nose makeup tricks to make it look small:

Your Foundation

Darker the better- perfect to help camouflage a big nose. 2 shades darker than what your skin tone is should be used. Start by applying from the middle of the eyebrows and go all the way down to the sides of the nose. Blending should be done well or else you’d lose the effects.

Your foundation


Contouring Your Nose

This is a step which follows next after you finish applying foundation- darkening the surface then would be the norm. Blend it into the foundation and match the skin-tone too. Helps make the nose look small.

Contouring your nose

source: youtube.com

Matt Finish


Matt finish makeup is the best way to make the nose look small, since you’d be covering up the large bone structure with the help of powder. Start by mixing away the shine, since more the shine; larger would the nose look.

Matt Finish


Choose Tthe Right Bronzer

To make the nose look smaller, use the right bronzer. It should be a shade which would not only match the skin tone you have, but one that goes au naturale too. Helps with contouring the nose as well, making it look small.

Choose the right bronzer

source: youtube.com

Loose Powder

The final touch, loose powder to the rescue- this is when the contouring is done and over with- when the foundation has been applied- loose powder secures it all. No shiny nose- remember what we just said about the SHINE!

Loose powder

source: youtube.com

Shine Those Lips

Okay, so you want shine, you got shine- not the nose, but those lips. Shimmer those babies and let them grab the eyeballs- your large nose wouldn’t be the talk of the town. But then, big noses are beautiful too- learn to love it and let it breathe in peace!

Shine those lips


We hope you have learnt from these fun ways on how to Make A Big Nose Look Small than what they really are- have fun! If you have any ideas, tips or suggestions to share with us, we are hearing you out and loud. Drop us a line; because we love meddling in nosy affairs!

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