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Makeup Mistakes That Are Making You Look 2 Years Older

by Fashionlady
Makeup Mistakes That Are Making You Look 2 years older

Makeup Mistakes That Are Making You Look 2 years older
Using makeup is an art. You can use it to transform yourself into a diva or you can use makeup in a wrong way and make fashion mistakes that age you! The ball is in your court and you need to have the right tips and tricks up your sleeve for that perfect contour and that perfect highlights!

Not many people are whizzes with the makeup brush. More often, amateurs like you and me are found on the wrong side of the palette. With a little help from this article, you can make sure that you know which makeup mistakes to avoid like the plague.

1. Foundation Faux Pas

It’s the base for any beauty regime. You need some foundation to smooth out those blemishes and pigmentation, but what most women do is that they stumble on the foundation they use. The trick to great foundation is choosing a colour that is NOT the exact match to your skin. As you grow older, your skin changes too. Now, you need to choose a foundation that is a little warmer and doesn’t make you look like Elsa! The image below shows how much better warmer foundation can look.

Foundation Faux Pas

Source: makeupforlife.net

2. Concealer Crazy?

Yes, we get it; concealer can really hide those flaws. But you have to be careful with the concealing wand otherwise you will end up making one of the most common makeup mistakes: Looking pasty! Sometimes those lines and wrinkles can get stubborn and slathering it with concealer won’t help. Try brushing on diffusers instead of concealers for a more natural look. Use the below concealer map for the perfect look.

Concealer Crazy

Source: makeup.com

3. Heavy-handed Liner

Black liner can be magical for your eyes. But as women grow older and their lashes thin down, using a heavy liner can instead be a bane! The look is harder to pull off and can make you commit one of the top 10 fashion mistakes! Too much liner draws attention to your wrinkles and makes you look even older. Opt for a black eye pencil and give a soft line to your eyes for a non-aged look.


Even celebs commit this fashion faux pas. For instance, look at Pam. Her liner game is awry and makes her look even more aged than she really is!

Heavy handed liner

Source: fabulousafter40.com

4. Bulldozing Your Brows

Brows were the most ignored of all. But now, it’s all about the right brows and the brows being on fleek. An arch which is sparse and overdone makes you look angry and not to mention-way beyond your age. Next time you decide to tweeze out those stray wisps, go a little soft on them. Make sure you don’t pull off too many, and even if you do, fill in those with a little eyebrow powder.

Bulldozing your brows

Source: youqueen.com

5. Losing On Lipstick?

Lipsticks can make or break your look. Though you have been a fan of dark lipstick for years, with age, you should tone down on the colour. A well-defined colour can define your features but a too dark colour can draw attention to your laugh lines. For a more pleasant and youthful look, you should go for glossier colour or just stick to some gloss.

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Losing on lipstick

Source: teamsugar.com

6. Shimmer The Satan

When you were younger, you would love to play with shimmer. A little here and there wouldn’t hurt anyone. But if your goal is to look younger, you should stay away from frosty and shimmery eye shadow. These are colours which will reflect light and accentuate the lines around your eyes and cheeks. If you can’t stay away from shimmer, you can dab a little on the inner corner of your eyes.

Shimmer the Satan

Source: timeinc.net

So next time you open your makeup box, keep these little tricks in mind for a youthful look.

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