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Mesmerizing Bridal Fashion Statements As Seen At Spring 2017 International Bridal Fashion Week

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Bridal Fashion Week

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We are almost half way through 2016, and believe us when we say that 2017 looks very promising if you are planning to tie the knot. From the color palette for themed wedding décor to the chic bridal gowns, there are plenty of surprises already on the international front doing the rounds.

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Gorgeous Spring 2017 Bridal Fashion Week Trends

Here’s giving you a sneak peek as we witnessed on the runways and the ramps of Spring 2017 Bridal Fashion. And we hope to the fashion Gods that some of these styles are incorporated into the Spring 2017 Bridal Fashion for Indian brides too. Take a look!

1. Get Ready For The Capes

Well with bridal fashion and capes, the duo has been seen in India last year, but on a low note. However, there are brides that do not want the veils or the odhnis gracing their fabulous and beautiful wedding hairdos; capes thus are in, and with gorgeous flowy silhouettes too. if you are planning to shun the veil, capes are for you and here is some inspiration to choose from.

Spring Dreses For Wedding

2. Feathers All The Way

Now this is what we call a fairytale appearance to make at your own wedding. Something on the lines of the magical Disney princess maybe, or maybe a fantasia touch, wispy feathers are haute trends that have stormed many fashion runways across the globe. Wispy plumes, ostrich feathers, feathered skirts; hope our Indian designers bring these touches to the glamorous Indian bridal wear too. even well-placed plumes can work like magic, what say?

Spring Wedding Dresses

3. High Collars Are Trendy

For the lass with a broad neck and shy of flaunting the same, here’s some inspiration you could take and sit with your karigar with. Fashionable high collars in sheer and net, with lace can be a haute trend to flaunt at your wedding next year. Windswept updos are haute for sure to wear, and statement Chaandbalis for the ears too.


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4. Deep V Necks

Even if you are a busty lady, a deep V neck choli with the bridal lehenga can look super cool. It flatters the upper body for sure and the frame of your body gets an illusion of elongation as well. The floral appliqué as seen on the gowns created by international bridal fashion week designers are a sexy touch to the modern bride, isn’t it? Can we see more of V necks this time when
the knots are being tied?

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Latest Wedding Trends

5. Streamer Sleeves All The Way

Made from net, lace or sheer fabric and tulle too, these gorgeous statements can make ethereal waves at your wedding next year. Lace sheath gowns can be an inspirational way to make heads turn at your own Indian wedding, maybe for the reception and in a color you choose to wear with.

Latest Wedding Trend

6. Oversize Bows

Oversize bows were a hit in the early 90s, especially with peplum dresses. In 2017, the statement would make a comeback, and as seen, the ultra feminine bridal fashion statement is making a dramatic entrée, with the bow on the back, not on the trails anymore. Could we have Indian designers looking at such statements for inspiration on our Indian wedding gowns please?

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