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Mini Guide On Eyeliner For Different Eye Shapes Explained In 9 Ways

by Fashionlady
Eyeliners For Eye Shapes

Eyeliner For Different Eye Shapes

If you’ve been wondering why the same eyeliner application technique didn’t work for your eyes, but did so for your friend, chances are your eye shape is different from hers. This is why we would like to explain in detail how to apply eyeliner for different eye shapes, so you make no more mistakes.

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How To Apply Eyeliner For Different Eye Shapes?

Different Types Of Eye Shapes

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1. If You Have Wide Set Eyes

Women with wide set eyes should focus on enhancing the inner corner of the eyes, which makes the eyes look close to one another. To do this, you must start with the lining of the tear duct and do not go more than the outer corner of the eyes.

Eyeliner For Different Eye Types

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2. If You Have Deep Set Eyes

If you are one of those with lovely deep set eyes, stop making the thick lines on the lids and do not smudge the liner on the top lash line, because the eyes would look more deep and sunken. What you need is a thin line as close to the lash line and only half of the outer eye should be lined- top and bottom.

Eyeliners For Types Eye Shapes

3. Women With Monolid Eyes

Women with monolid eyes can wear eyeliner too, and even though the base is flat and sans the crease, there are eyeliners for eye shapes with monolid specifics to use. A thin line on the top lash line from the inner corner should be done all the way, thicker as you move ahead to the outer corner of the eye.

Eyeliner For Eye Shapes

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4. For Hooded Lids

Women with eyelids that droop downwards have hooded lids. The aim here is to make the eyelids look big with the help of eyeliner. Start with thickening of the lash base where the eyeliner should be used between the roots of the lash in thin strokes, and thicken as you head to the outer corner of the eyes.

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Ways To Apply Eyeliner

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5. For Round Eyes

If you would like to make your round eyes look long and nice, the outer edges should be lined on the lash line which brings about a flicked winged look.

Ways To Apply Eyeliner For Different Eye Shapes

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6. Almond Eyes Lining

Almond eyes are the most desirable eyes to doll up, and most makeup artists would love working on such eyes. Winged eyeliners compliment the wonderful curves of such eyes and with a flick on the outer corner, a dramatic divaish look comes through.


Eyeliner Styles For Different Eye Shapes

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Eyeliner for Big Eyes

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9. Close Set Eyes

We spoke about wide set eyes and how to line them, now let us look at close set eyes too. The outer corners of the eyes should be focused upon with a soft eye pencil, and the liner should be applied very thin at the inner corner of the eyes. The outer corner of the eyes should be lined thick and nice. If you tight line the inner corner of the eyes, it would make the eyes look smaller, so quit doing that.

How To Apply Eyeliner

We hope these nine tips on how to rightly use liner for your eye shape comes in handy. If you need more help, we would ask you to check with your parlor lady or makeup artist for the same. Always remember to respect the dimensions of your eyes and then apply liner, or else you would be at a loss when dressing up the lids. You don’t want to look aged or old using the wrong lining techniques now, do you? That is why following this mini guide on eyeliner for different eye types is a must!

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