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Monroe Piercing: A Counterfeit Substitute for Natural Beauty Spots

by Fashionlady
Monroe Piercing

Famous Monroe Piercing
I am back once again with my special edition on body piercing. Today I’m going to discuss on Monroe piercing.

What is Monroe piercing?

It is a kind of lip piercing made off-center just on the left hand side of the upper lip. Since this place resembles Marilyn Monroe’s beauty spot, so it’s known as Monroe piercing.

This is one of the several facial piercings, which are only done to stimulate the sensual appeal of one’s face. The black spot located at that very place has always been considered as a mark of beauty, just like Madonna, Monroe and Crawford. This is the reason, this kind of piercing has a huge fan following these days.

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Best Monroe piercing

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Process involved

First of all the clients will be given a mouthwash to clean their mouth and then they will be provided with a dental bib. The location is then cleaned using a disinfectant such as Iodine before the piercing only to ensure that the area is sterilized.

The area to be pierced is then clamped only to make it static throughout the procedure. A needle is then passed through the skin located on the left side of the upper lip. Once the needle gets through the tissue then a Labret stud made up of 316L surgical steel is inserted. This stud is usually 1/4 to 5/16 inches long featuring a flat round disc on the back side and a round ball on the front.

cunning monroe piercing process

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The jewelry fits to the end of the needle so that the jewelry slides right to the spot as the needle comes out.

The placement of the jewelry keeps the piercing hole open and if the jewelry is removed for any length of time the pierced hole will close.


One of the biggest advantages of Monroe piercing is that it gets healed up easily than any other piercing on the body. The estimated healing time period is between 8-12 weeks. In most cases, it gets healed up within 6 weeks too.

Monroe piercing

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Pain differs

The amount of pain exerted from this process differs from one person to another. It depends upon the specific location of the piercing. Those people, who have thicker lips or well-exercised facial muscles will have more flesh to be pierced, so they will experience more discomfort.

Comparable to women men experience slightly more pain, as repeated shaving makes their skin of the upper lip tougher and harder to be punctured.

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