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Monsoon Edition: 5 Rainy Day Outfits That Can Brighten Your Day

by Fashionlady
Famous Rainy Day Outfit for womens

Best Rainy Day Outfits for womens
There is this old poem that we all are well aware of. It says ‘rain, rain, go away, little Johnny wants to play’. Back in the day the sole reason for us not to like the rains was our desperation to go out and play. But today, rain just comes with too many problems.

First offs, girls with curly hair have the toughest time this season!! Then those with frizzy hair. Even if we just tie up our hair in a big knot, we have outfit issues. Then footwear issues. We cannot wear white, we can’t wear heels, and we can’t carry cotton bags. Uff!! Just too many problems, you know?

But at the same time, monsoon is the best season and we just love the romantic weather. Who doesn’t appreciate a good cold coffee and hot company on a rainy day?!

So, while rains are on their way, let us show you guys how you can make those otherwise ugly rubber boots look fancy!

Before we start, our first tip would be – play with colours! Let your inner kid out and don’t be afraid to sport bold colours.

1. Red is Rad!!!

Go monochrome with all black and white outfit and then were red wellies!

Popular Rainy Day Outfits

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2. Black is cool too!

Or if you want to play safe and invest in all-rounder boots, you could wear them too. All you’ll have to do is jazz up your outfit with bright coloured clothes and tone down the boots.

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Rainy Day Outfit Ideas

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3. Be pretty in pink

If you feel the need to get your inner girl out, go nuts and invest in a pair of pink boots. The colour can vary depending on your personality. From baby pinks to neon pinks, whatever floats your boat!


Best Rainy Day Outfits

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4. Or bold in blue

Wearing blue doesn’t mean you are being gloomy and feel blue. You can spark up your outfit with different kinds of blue and still look stunning!

top Rainy Day Outfits

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5. You could also be flirty with purple

We were saving the best for the last. This colour has to be our FAV!! Like, who doesn’t like purple? Don’t you guys like purple?

Rainy Day Outfits

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And also, don’t worry about your outfits. With the release of Gabbar is Back, Kareena Kapoor has got in a new trend of long kurta’s, denims and boots. Check it out here!

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