7 Must Haves For Your Winter Wardrobe

Winter Wardrobes

Crisp cold breeze, snow-laden trees and a piping hot cup of coffee, sounds so perfect and wintery! Well, when half of the population sulk about the weather the other half chirp around in this chilly breeze.

Fashionistas go crazy over the jackets, sweaters, socks, scarves and oh! the boots. Well, for always on the go and for the divas as well, here’s a checklist that allows you to keep a tab on the essentials you must own this season.

Snug fit – Turtleneck Tops

Warm and fuzzy turtleneck tops should be your first pick for this winters. Snug fit top gives an option for adding layers to your look. For example, a sleeveless knitted dress over a turtleneck top and complete that with a tight pair of jeans.

Fashionable Winter Clothes

Good Ol Sweatshirts

Carry your old-school look with some of your favorite sweatshirts, comfy, over sized and convenient! Pair them with a well-fitted pair of jeans or tights, throw in a pair of sneakers or boots and you are all set to go!

Cute Winter Outfits

Just the Basic – Sweaters

Fitted or baggy sized both the way it works!

Your good old pair of jeans and boots are a perfect pick to match with a good sweater. Knitted, fitted or woven. The best part about these sweaters is that you can match them up with anything, even skirts or a dress!

Winter Fashion Trends

Coats And Jackets

A good coat or a jacket is a winter wardrobe necessity!

Pick up in some staple basic color and a bright neon, the staples will be your best friend throughout. Whereas the neon or the bright one will add oomph and edge to your regular look.

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Coats are available in different layers, pick the ones that you are most comfortable in carrying, it is safe and you will be in your comfort zone.

Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Styling with Scarves

Covers your neck and brightens up your regular outfit. There are now several ways in which you can style your scarf, rather just opting the basic wrapping around neck option. There are a couple of methods through which you can drape scarves. Hence scarves in good options should be at yours rescue this season!

Fall Winter Outfits

Boot Em’ Up

A girl and her favorite pair of boots are a gala affair! May whatever be the length, thigh long, knee length or the ankle we love em’ all! So, this season take out your favorite pairs and style them with anything and with everything because they are staples!

Winter Fashion For Women

Scents Of Winter

Well, we cannot smell bad! A good EDT goes long way, the winters calls for Oriental notes, the musky whiffs, and woody spritz.

Latest Winter Fashion

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