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Putting your Best Shoe Forward

by Fashionlady

Putting your Best Shoe Forward

Shoes define your fashion taste. Storming out in a classy outfit paired with hand-me-down shoes is a big fashion no-no. If you want to step in style then you got to own and splurge on the best designed pair. Remember ‘style starts from the shoes upwards’ not from anything else you putting on.

Never Mind Dictums

There are so many stigmas attached to pairing shoes. I personally do not believe in matching the color of the outfit and the shoes. You can do a little bit of homework on this. First thing to understand here is that it is better you know to match the right pair of shoes with the outfit you are going to wear. This basically does not mean that you need to put on the same hue or color. Quick examples would be if you wearing an LBD then you can opt for a fresh pop of colored shoes rather than sticking to black. You need to keep small things in mind like this to make it work. First things first like they say.

Next thing is to remember that stilettos cannot be your saving grace all the time. In practical, we cannot run from point A to point Z in high heels every single day. Fashion has no constraints for stylish goods so you can be sure that you still can look stylish with or without heels.

Never Mind Dictums Best Shoe

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High Heel Shoes

Let’s start with what comes first to every woman’s mind when they hear the word “shoes. Since heels are high on the radar for many, let me start with them. I will basically talk about high heeled shoes that can at least make you walk that extra mile, which pair goes along with which dress designs and is absolutely stunning.

Pointy Toe Heels

Perfect for high-waisted skirts and halter necked dresses or flared dresses. Both the shoes have heels that are designed for comfort. You wouldn’t mind teetering from one corner to the next with the right pairs like these ones.

Pointy Toe Heels Current Trend

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Basic Heel Shoes

Go versatile with these pairs. Each shoe epitomizes the fun loving and classy woman today. You can swear by the nude shoes. When you have an ultra-flashy dress to wear or are confused with the fusion of colors, the nude shoes will save your day. When you want to jazz up your work look, opt for a black and white classic like the one above. And what more can I say about black shoes-they define everything from classy to sexy.

Own all this versatile number of heels and you will never lack out to step out in style.

Basic Heel Shoes

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Oxfords or Loafers

Oxfords are my personal favorite. I love them for its juxtaposition of having the masculine inspired shape yet it has something that hypes the style of anyone. Pair them with your boyfriend jeans and blazers, with your old tees; sometimes I also pair them with a graphic designed dress. I swear by it. Good to go with anything, anywhere. You can go clubbing or partying in these pairs too. For me, Oxfords are the craziest innovations.

Oxfords or Loafers Shoes

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We all know the bare truth of unisexual clothing by now. So it’s not much of an issue, if you grab one of these killer running shoes. I love it. It’s good to go with your jogging pairs. The blue sneakers are super cool and are superb for all the hipsters out there.

Sneakers in Trendz

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Who doesn’t like flat footwear’s? They are strappy, comfortable and good to go for summer. These types of flat sandals basically go with anything; be it long maxis, skirts, dresses or your trousers.

Flats in Trend

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So with that note, I sum up my article. I hope I have managed to garner some inspiration around. Know when and where to put on the right pair of shoes and you will know what putting your best shoe forward truly means.

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