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Red Isn’t The Only Colour For Weddings – Trying New Bridal Shades

by Fashionlady
Red Isn’t The Only Colour For Weddings Think Differently For Your Big Day

It is but tough to choose the right colours for your wedding- deciding on one can be daunting, agreed. The colours you choose would reflect your style, your personality and your choices in life (for your fiancé and you). Your wedding day is your special day, and hence using not more than 3 colours should be the thumb rule- simple and minimalistic as well.

For a rich and fresh look think above the shades of red- use a mix of dark and light tones for a statement wedding! Let’s take a look at colours that match the 4 seasons, shall we? And these colours are apt for the decor, the trousseau, the centerpiece and the flowers or the cakes as well.

Colours for Spring weddings

A time of rejuvenation and of full blooms- light colours and pastel tones are the way to go, ditch the very dark or very bright shades please. Think greens, yellows and pinks- popular Spring colours, which bring in the vibrancy and zest for life. Baby pink or deep turquoise looks awesome; blend them with muted tones to create a stunning mise-en-scene around. Have fun with the colours, combine and match them at your will; polka dots or gingham work best for Spring. Some combinations to think of are;

  1. Petite flowers in baby pink and leaves in light green for the centerpiece
  2. Deep pink with pastel melon tones reflects the Spring sunset
  3. Ivories and whites with blues for a wedding

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Colours for Spring weddings

Source: road2beauty.com

Colours for Summer weddings

Summers are bold and everything around is almost in full bloom- so why hide your creativity? The shades should be rich- blues, reds, magenta, ochre or teal; very popular summer shades for weddings. 2015 colour trends are;

  1. Pink, yellow, white or purple shades combined with light greens
  2. Lime and citrus shades- fresh bright orange, grapefruit pinks or reds and lime greens
  3. Rainbow colours – aquamarine, green, yellows, pinks and blues, purple too
  4. White with yellow and blues
  5. Pastel shades for summers- rose, lilacs, corals and sage, mocha and peach too
  6. Beige and sand, creams and whites or silvers as well
Colours for Summer weddings

Source: topwedding.com

Colours for Fall weddings

Fall is when the colours run amok. Browns to oranges, reds to yellows- the prominence of colours include neutral tones too- golds, coppers, bronze, marigolds and burgundy as well. Popular choices doing the rounds are;


  1. Off-whites and rich reds
  2. Taupe with wheatish tones
  3. Sage greens and pumpkin shades
  4. Semi-metallic shades to vibrant pastels
Colours for Fall weddings

Source: sonascouture.com

Colours for winter weddings

Icy cold winds that blow harsh and dry shouldn’t stop you from making your wedding a colourful one- think of the fun-loving personalities your husband and you are known for. 2015 trends in colours for weddings are;

  1. Rich tones in metallic and jewels paired with pale blues
  2. The quintessential winter whites with gold or silver
  3. Champagne and black- classy and very sexy for night weddings
  4. Pale gold with white for an opulent late evening wedding
  5. Light shades of grey with lilac and navy blue, purple or periwinkle and white
Colours for winter weddings

Source: myweddingplanning.in

More than just red roses

Calla lilies and red roses or amaryllis have always been the must-have flowers at any wedding, anywhere in the world. But wait, you don’t have to tie yourself to seasonal offers and blooms- experimentation is the key here; white roses, orchids and hydrangeas speak of elegance and purity, white ranunculus too. What about white peonies for that subtle delicate touch, which flower girls and the baraatis can hold? Large flowers such as gypsophilia for the accented look around or maybe the Bethlehem stars for a gorgeous podium decor- the choices are a plenty and not in reds!

More than just red roses

Source: xx.fbcdn.net

We hope you now think above and way beyond the niche of reds for weddings; there is so much more in the shade box to explore, so start planning from now!

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