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Revisit Your Lifestyle To Check What Causes Hair Breakage

by Fashionlady
Reasons Your Hair Is Breaking

What Causes Hair Breakage

Dust, pollution and harmful rays of the sun – they all join forces against the wellbeing of your hair. What cause hair breakage are nothing different from the regular, seeming harmless activities of your daily life was playing the bad guy in your hair’s life.

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Reasons Your Hair Is Breaking

At times, you yourself inadvertently do things that are reasons your hair is breaking and/or thinning. Read on.

1. Overstretched Hairstyles

One of the many reasons of hair breakage is overstretching the hair into various styles. We all are guilty of it, admit it or not. As much as I agree that the twisted and tailed hairstyles look amazing and give an extra lift to our faces, we chose to stay unaware of the damage caused by this tension at the roots and the length of the hair. Once in a while we all like to look like a diva, but it is advised to avoid complicated hairstyles which stretch the hair too much on a regular basis. Also, instead of elastic rubber bands, you might want to use hair ties. It is preferable not to keep bobby pins on your hair for long hours.

Reason For Hair Breakage

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2. Styling The Wet Hair

The hair strand is most weak and submissive to breakage when it is drenched or wet straight out of a wash. Using styling tools in this condition will lead to mechanical breakage of the hair strand.  In fact even a process as plain as combing the hair may cause hair breakage. Always damp dry your hair thoroughly before styling it, if you are running out of time to wait for it to dry completely.

Why Does Hair Breakage Occur

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3. Coloring And Bleaching Of Hair

Coloring hair has been running on the trend line since like forever. Even if not for the purpose of fashion, a lot of us dye the hair to hide greying. But I guess, we all know how much damage the bleaching, coloring and even dying cause to the quality of hair. But for your knowledge, the hair not only loses its natural shine due to these chemical products but also develop a tendency to break easily.

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Causes Of Hair Loss

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4. Using Of Heated Styling Tools

Using heated styling tools is another answer to why does hair breakage occur. Even if you haven’t used heating tools on the hair for months, the same done even about a year ago show damage signs now. Losing luster and split ends of hair are another curses of using straightening irons or curling wands on a regular basis, and gradually cause breakage.

Best Reasons Your Hair Is Breaking

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5. Protein Deficit

We all have studied in school that our hair is largely made up of protein, i.e, keratin. Keratin is in turn built from the amino acids procured from our diet.  That is why a diet low in protein, rises the chances of your hair strands growing thinner by the day and eventually breaking down. Surviving on ready-to-cook packaged food could be one of the reasons your hair is breaking. If you cannot engage in a protein rich preparation regularly, you can use nuts and dried beans as quick snacks to make up for the deficit.

Protein Deficiency Causes Hair Loss

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6. Low Intake Of Vitamin B-12, Zinc And Iron

A deficiency in iron, zinc and Vitamin B complex result in weaker hair strands and eventually hair loss.  Taking a healthy amount of vitamin enriched food, or a dose of multivitamin regularly will ensure that you get an adequate volume of these essential nutrients. If you severely suffer from deficient in iron or zinc, you might be having anemia. In such a situation, consulting a doctor is mandatory.

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Vitamin Deficiencies For Hair Breakage

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Combing Hair Causes Hair Loss

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9. Sulfate Shampoos

Certain shampoos that contain SLS and ALS are called sulfate shampoos. They have some harsh effects on your hair and the chemical weakens the strands. If you use such a shampoo, you should immediately switch to a milder one with less amount of sulfate. What is better, is to mitigate this issue by opting for a natural or ayurvedic shampoo for some time.

Hair Loss Causes

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10. Cotton Pillowcases

Cotton pillows are a strict no-no for your hair. Cotton can be an amazing fabric to wear, because it is super absorbent and airy. However, the fabric is also very dry and appears abrasive to your hair. Sleeping on a silk or satin pillow case can lessen hair breakage, though.

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Hair Breakage Reasons

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Hair breakage is equally common in men and women. The reasons are more or less same. However, in addition to the above causes, specific medical conditions and long term treatments can also lead to breaking of strands. Having identified what causes hair breakage, you must realize that healthy lifestyle and a visit to your nearest dermatologist once in a while might mitigate the problem.

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