Save Money And Have A Magical Wedding With These Do It Yourself Wedding Ideas


do it yourself wedding ideas

You know what’s cute? Getting your own wedding ideas done, the DIY way! This not only saves you tons of money and the stress of catching up with the wedding planner, but you actually get to do what you want, just the way you want it to be done and without a million opinions thrown in. To help you further, we have compiled a couple of cute do it yourself wedding ideas, which include do it yourself wedding decorations, homemade wedding decorations, DIY wedding invitations ideas, DIY wedding ideas on a budget, cheap DIY wedding ideas and more. Please check them out.

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Do It Yourself Wedding Decorations

1. If you have an outdoor wedding, you don’t have to put up a fancy shamiana and décor. Get in touch with an NGO nearby and ask the school kids to create crepe paper flowers which you can place across the reception scene amidst beautiful white chairs.

homemade wedding decoration

2. For a very colorful yet quirky touch to the wedding reception tables, grab a couple of wine glasses and flowers along with tea candles. If it is a day time affair, you wouldn’t need to burn the candles, but for the night, you could place the candles on the base of the wine glasses. Turn the glasses upside down and in the mouth of the glasses place the flowers or the candles – depends on the time of the reception.

homemade wedding decorations


3. A wedding without wedding favors is so not done, and spending a bomb on them is not the way to celebrate a wedding too! Try this do it yourself wedding ideas – use small tin buckets that have been polished neat and place your mini gifts inside them.

diy wedding invitations ideas

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4. Right at the reception table for the bride and the groom, place a black chalkboard that tells the world the story of their love. The guests would be humored and enthralled for sure, and you would also have a wonderful way to let the world know how it all began.

diy wedding ideas on a budget

5. The walk down the aisle is the most important one for the bride, which is why we would want to make it memorable for her. The family members of the bride can write motivational quotes of weddings on the black carpeted aisle, over which the bride walks and as she does she gets to read them too.

cheap diy wedding ideas

6. When sending out invites, you could save paper and do it through emails or if you fancy the same, you could send out picture calendar cards. Block the date ideas on a calendar month, where the date is marked in red hearts, sends out the message. One of the cutest DIY wedding invitations ideas we say!

wedding invitations ideas

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7. Topping for the cake needn’t be a male and a female model. What you could do is to have two small chairs made from frost and icing placed on top, with a hat on each, depicting the bride and the groom. The best unique and cheap DIY wedding ideas such as these comes through imagination.

DIY wedding ideas

8. For an evening wedding reception out in the yard, you could hang a metal dream catcher through which plenty of tea candles can be strewn and hung. As the sun sets and when the guests sit to munch their meal, light the candles up.

wedding decorations ideas

9. Tables and chairs need to be decorated too, so instead of spending a bomb on costly fabrics such as satin and organza, you could use lace and net in white to create large bows for the back of the chairs to be decked up with.

homemade wedding decorations ideas

10. Matte toned and very bright pompoms can bring back the memories you had in school, and spruce up the mise en scène around too. Place them as do it yourself wedding decorations and homemade wedding decorations around the aisle or the mandap, or even around the reception arena.

DIY wedding ideas on a budgets

We hope you get inspired from these DIY wedding ideas and do write in if you would like to share your own stash of DIY wedding ideas on a budget!


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