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Zero Time To Shower? Here’s How You Can Fake It

by Fashionlady
Fake Shower

Zero Time To Shower

Whether you do not have the time and energy to take a bath or you are a nature enthusiast deployed on a mission to save water, there are several ways to look fresh without taking a shower.

Although, it may not feel too good to carry a stench on you, so it is quintessential to have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve to help you keep your body clean without actually steeping under the shower. These techniques would ensure that you don’t have to step out of the house looking like a greasy, stinky mess.

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1. Wipe It Out

Do you feel like skipping the shower? Or are you racing against time to go get to school or work? Then, feel free to indulge in a baby wipe bath. Just wipe your body with unscented wipettes and you would be good to go.

Fake Showers

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Remember, it’s your privates that need a refresher over the other parts of your body. So, make sure you wipe from the front to the back to avoid the transfer of bacteria.

2. Use Oil To Remove Dirt And Moisturize

Did you just wake up with raccoon eyes? Still have eye liner leftovers around your eyes from last night? If yes, then simply washing the face with soap based cleanser would not be enough. What you need is an oil based cleanser to gently rub off the dirt and prevent them from clogging the pores. After an oil cleansing session, you would not need to moisturize separately. Isn’t it just wonderful!

Lazy Girl Ways to Fake a Shower

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For best results, moisten before massaging oil on to your face. The immiscibility of oil and water would create fine natural scrubbing particles that would take away the dirt and leave the skin feeling clean and supple. Don’t forget to wipe off the excessive oil with a piece of cotton or soft cloth.


3. Dry Shave Your Hairy Legs

Though it may sound absurd, dry shaving might not hurt you, provided you are using the right shaving cream. The recently introduced EOS formula can actually be rubbed into the skin without any water. Plus, it doubles up as a lotion, implying that you need not wash the skin with water at all.

Dry Shave Your Hairy Legs

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Tip: Clean off your razor as and when required. This would help minimize the trail of spiny hair you might be leaving behind with your razor. Nevertheless, you can wipe off the skin post shaving with an unscented botanical wipe to make the skin look smooth and spotless.

4. Use A Dry Brush To Exfoliate

Have a dry flaky skin? Just stand in your bathroom and feel free to exfoliate the dry patch with a soft bristled brush. This would help you get rid of the flakes with much a do.

Caution! Use only soft bristled brush for exfoliating as hard brush might cause bruises. Be sure to use gentle strokes while moving the brush to prevent abrasion of skin.

Tips To Prepare Skin For Fake Tanning

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Alternatively, you can also use oil to relieve the dry patch off flakiness and itching. This would nourish the skin, making it look smoother and shinier.

Tip: Don’t have a dry shampoo? Don’t worry you can make your own by mixing one part of baking soda with three parts of baby powder ( or any unscented non-comedogenic powder). Voila, you have your own inexpensive dry shampoo.

6. Sponge Bath

If you are still too skeptic about skipping shower, then you might like the idea of a sponge bath. Dip your washcloth or sponge in lukewarm water and use it to wipe yourself from the front to the hind. This would help you feel fresh and deodorized almost instantly.

Tip: In addition, you could apply a scented body lotion or spray your favorite perfume to mask the unforgiving odor.

7. Changing Your Undergarments

Washing a pair of undergarments would surely take up less time and effort than running under the shower altogether. So, adorn a pair of clean freshly laundered undergarments and would feel refreshed almost instantly.

Tip: Ensure that your underwear is made out of a breathable fabric. Women could also benefit from panty liners.

Of course you would need to shower eventually. But, the above tips would surely help you put it off to the next day.

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