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Stay Ahead In The Fashion Race With Digital Print Sarees

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Cocktail dressing can become a statement if you put the right fashion inputs in it. There are the conventional sarees, designer anarkalis, even breezy skirts to make everyone look at you with attention. But if you want to look sexy, contemporary, understatedly elegant and feminine, then there are digital print sarees filling the gap.

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How To Wear Designer Printed Sarees

Whether it is a party being hosted at the boss’s place, an invitation to a media gathering, or a celebration at a 5-star hotel, no saree can highlight your personality better than designer printed sarees. This is one saree that accentuates your confidence and impression, separating you from the boring PYTs.

designer printed saree

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Trending Digital Print Sarees

Fashion is always on the upswing. The digital print on fabric is turning out to be one of the exciting developments in the textile business. It’s because digital print sarees open up several opportunities for customising the saree, experimentation, prototyping, printing on a smaller run as compared to other sarees.

More importantly, digital print fabric is budget-wise quite affordable and can be bought at the drop of a hat as against designer cotton and silk sarees. Whether it is big production or small run, digital print sarees can be printed easily while meeting the required quality standards of textiles.

Talk of technological influences, and designer sarees with digital prints largely use inkjet printers, particularly of large format ones. This permits easy printing of tonal graphics in multiple shades and colours on textiles.

Secondly, there is no limitation on the colours. In fact, any number of colours can be happily printed on the fabric.

Lastly, there is no cap on the print run. The user can print as little as possible, which means it is a huge cost saving exercise. The digital print fabric involves high precision printing so you get to savour nothing but the best.

digital print on fabric

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When Digital Prints Hit The Fashion Circle

The credit of bringing this new found fashion love goes to Satya Paul who in the late 1920’s created the ‘garden saree’.


It was the recently married fashion designer Masaba Gupta who brought digital print on fabric into limelight with her creative skills. Ever since, revolutionary, off-beat and whacky motifs and shades have taken centre stage, much to the fascination of party lovers.

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No doubt, digital prints have come of age, looking at the fashion crop of monotone and dual-shaded digital print sarees to multi-colored samples.

digital print fabrics

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Prints Galore In Designer Printed Sarees

Vibrant prints are at the heart of digital print on fabric. Abstract prints, and there are many such as floral and leaf designs, have come to be more popular in digital print sarees.

Now that you know this new and popular fashionable choice, go ahead and buy different designs and shades of designer printed sarees and let your social fraternity take notice of your groovy fashion statement.

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