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Style Statement: DIY Braids For Long Hair

by Fashionlady
Braids Hairstyle For Long Hair

Braids For Long Hair

Braids for long hair look gorgeous when you wear them in chic styles. Even if you are having a bad hair day or it is three four day old shampooed hair, you can still look fashionable with braided hairstyles for long hair. They are the latest fashion trends and are there for rescue when you can’t think of any other way to style your hair. Keeping that in mind, here are three absolutely fresh and new hairstyles you can try out if you love braided hair. These simple braided hairstyles for long hair can amp up your style quotient almost instantly!

3 Hairstyles For Long Hair: Braids Steps

Best Braids for Long Hair

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1. Crown Braids Hairstyle For Long Hair: Instructions

  • Begin with perfect, dry and unwound hair. (Utilize a wide tooth brush to unravel your hair) Starting in the front left half of your head, at eye level, isolate the hair into three areas and begin plaiting.
  • Mesh your hair so that no hair is left free. Step by step instructions to plait your hair: Take your three segments with the goal that two strands are held in one hand and the third strand is head in your inverse hand. Make a couple lines of a consistent plant by taking the stand on the privilege and traverse the middle. At that point take the strand from the left and traverse to the middle. Before rehashing your traverse movement, assemble a smidgen of extra hair from the top side, and add it to this area; now cross this bigger bit of hair over the center segment of the mesh. Then rehash.
  • Work your way around your head on a level plane ensuring no strands are forgotten.
  • Continue plaiting until you wind up on the right half of your head. The twist ought to still be at eye level.
  • Complete the process of meshing it into a customary interlace and pulling the hair up while twisting and secure the end with an elastic band.
  • Pull it over your head and secure with bobby pins. Stick wherever essential and ensure you conceal the closures extremely well so it can resemble a constant twist. Complete your Swedish crown twist with vaporized hairspray.
Hairstyles For Long Hair Braids Steps

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2. Side Braids For Long Hair


  • Begin this mesh instructional exercise with spotless, dry and unwound hair. It’s best to utilize a wide tooth brush to unwind your hair.

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  • Part your hair on your favored side. In this illustration, we separated my hair on the left side and had my hair going right. Snatch a segment of your hair in the front right and separate it off into three a balance of.
  • When you have your three strands begin meshing your hair slantingly towards the back of your head. This will give the plait a pleasant bend as opposed to having it go straight back.
  • This French plait will be along the right half of your head so you need to get the segments of hair, for your French interface, from either side. Keep interlacing until you achieve the back center of your head.
  • You will need to get and smooth your hair from the left half of your head to make a decent clean plait. Begin a typical three strand interlace and begin to bend and plait your hair making a bun.

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  • Keep meshing and bending, this will make the extensive interlaced bun.
  • When you have come to the end of your hair, where you can mesh no more, tie the end with a clasp.


  • Snatch the end of your hair and secure it around the plaited bun with bobby pins. Secure where you see fit thus no free hair is cresting out. Ensure the bun is sufficiently tough so it won’t fall. Splash on some vaporized hairspray, smooth with a styling brush and you’re finished!
Braided Hairstyles For Long Hair

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3. Loop Braids For Long Hair


  • Begin off with a smooth pigtail. You need your braid to be at the scruff of the neck. This makes a rich look. You don’t need this interlace to be standing out from a high braid. Additionally, you’ll need your hair to be perfect and sodden. On the off chance that your hair is dry, you can add mousse to make it less demanding to oversee.
  • In the event that you need to add a decent hair assistant to your braid now would be an ideal opportunity to include it then gap your hair into three equivalent segments.
  • From the right segment of hair, separate a little area of hair and leave as an afterthought, cross the right segment of hair over the center. Presently separate a little area of hair from the left side and traverse the center. It’s similar to making a typical three strand plait however you’re leaving a little area of hair behind to make the circles.

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  • When you have the interlace begun you’re going to discrete a little area of hair from the right side again however this time take the first strand you had forgotten and add it to the right strand. Rehash on the other side.
  • Delicately pull on the little segments of hair you added to make the circles. Prior to each hair hybrid, you need to leave a little segment of hair behind and snatch the segment of hair above it. Once more, somewhat pull on the area of hair you added to make the circle look.
  • Keep abandoning segments of strands and snatching the past one. The mousse we included the starting will make a smooth look and keep the circles looking clean and not untidy.
  • When you achieve the end of the twist tie it with a little versatile band.
Simple Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

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You can find many such simple braided hairstyles for long hair in fashion magazines but not a step-by-step tutorial. So make the most of it now and give your hair a new style this season.

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